Concieving after acupuncture!

Hi girls sorry to g/c from lttc but I'm thinking of starting acupuncture but the problem is my oh! He thinks it is going to be a waste of money and I need to convince him otherwise so I was hoping that some of you lovely ladies will be able to help me! I have pcos and I've been on metformin since April! I have just had my 2nd af on it after not having 1 for 10 months (but there still 40 days long!). Has anybody had acupuncture and it worked for them? The more info you could give me the better xx


  • I did! Although I hadn't been TTC before I had the acupuncture I'm positive it helped me to conceive. I have a step sister who is going through IVF right now and the 1st thing they told her to do was book a few acupuncture sessions so I was certain there was something in it and I would give it a try. I used it really to prepare my body and it worked. I fell pregnant on my 2nd cycle. It definitely helped me relax which I believe is a key to concieving and would say it is completely worth the money!

    I hope you can persuade your OH to let you have some sessions because I'm sure you'll ntoice the diffeerence xxx
  • Hi hun,
    I was advised by my doctor to try acupuncture, I had to have IVF and this was my 5th and final attempt, prior to this I had two failed cycles and 2 m/cs, I was willing to try anything to help me this time so I went ahead with acupuncture, i'm now 32 weeks pregnant and am certain that the acupuncture helped a great deal, you can do no harm in having it and you never know it may be the one thing that helps you get to where you want to be.
    good luck xx

  • Thank you for your replies! Thanks to you I have managed to persuade oh that it is the next step forward! I feel much more positive too! Thank you xx
  • Hi, i didnt have acupunture but had reflexology the month we concieved which was our 5th month and i'm sure it helped so i would go for the acupunture! Good luck hope you get your bfp soon x
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