Reasuurance !!

Hi Ladies,

This must sound realy stupid and I am most likely to be over thinking, but cant get it out of my mind !!
I have had mis carriages in the past so sure this is why I worry far to much, but everything is fine with this pregnancy and I am now 31 weeks !!!!

This morning I turned over in bed and must of moved to fast or awkwardly and over stretched my right leg whilst turning, which shot a pain through my pelvis into my lower tummy I immediatley worried that I may have hurt baby and as soon as I done it I felt like hiccups or a fast heart beat from baby, im sure I have felt the baby move since and no further pains, but im just worried ...... Has this happened to anyone else can anyone give me some reasurrance ??



  • hi there, i think its just normal to feel uncomfortable at this stage, over the next few weeks you'll notice even more aches and pains when you turn over etc. i actually dread going to bed now as it is so uncomfortable and painful when i try to turn over or get up for a wee - bump fees so heavy! i also suffer from severe back pain which doesn't help.
    try not to worry x

    37 weeks
  • Please don't worry hunny! Your baby is so well protected in there, you probably just caught a nerve or something in your leg, we become such fragile things when we're pregnant! It's so easy to hurt ourselves. (I picked the remote control up off the floor yesterday and managed to hurt myself by stretching too much!).

    You're baby might stop moving about as much if you are worried (they like to keep us on our toes!) because they don't like the stress hormones, (so they go to sleep when we're stressed) so chill out for a bit, and try not to worry, and hopefully you'll feel loads of lovely kicks to reassure you, but if you are still worried later on it's always best to call your MW to put your mind at rest. (never worry in silence - that is what they are there for!) xxx
  • Thanks girlies, that has made me feel so much better. Hope all goes well for you both.
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