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Positive? Evaporation?

Okay I am probably going to sound crazy but I'm okay with that lol. Okay I havent had an actual period since Jan. 6th. 2018. I was on birth control to basically keep myself regular. My boyfriend and I did the deed multiple times in Feb and late march/early April. I've always taken lots of test anytime I have sex just because I've  wanted to be a mom for so long. I think I've seen faint lines before but I believe my eyes just play tricks on me. Last night I took a test, laid it down for awhile and then looked at it and theres some sort of faint line. With all my other tests which some are up to two months old, theres never been an evaporation line. Im not getting my hopes up because I don't even know if I ovulate at all but I'm just kind of confused as to what the line is, since all the tests are the same and Ive never seen it like this before. So any feed back would be amazing. I heard you can technically ovulate at anytime when your period is irregular. Ive had symptoms but just brush them off because I feel like I cant get pregnant so its probably just in my head  all thoughts welcomed. Thanks in advance. 

The one picture is just showing all the test I've taken the past couple months. 1 has like an indent line but I dont see any evaporation lines on any of them making the 2nd picture from late last night/early this morning so questionable. Tell me whatcha think.image 



  • Hey your test does look promising , have you been testing for ovulation even though you say you haven’t had a period ( sorry just read you don’t know) maybe get a first response test and do it in the couple of days.. xx

  • First of all thank you for replying, I appreciate it. I have not been checking for ovulation at all. Just the last time I did the deed was the 13th and I just have been cramping a lot,  and just feeling under the weather the past few days and cramping doesnt happen unless I'm starting my period but it still hasnt showed up so I figured I still had some of the test strips and just did another one. I mean I highly doubt I am pregnant but Ive never had a line like that show up ever before. Not even an evaporation line  so I took another test this morning and nothing. So maybe that one posted here is just a faulty one?

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