Sods law.

......... having posted yesterday that I had no symptoms, I blacked out this morning when I got up to go to the loo and now I feel SICK! YAY!


  • What is it they say?? Be careful what you wish for? I keep thinking the same...when will the morning sickness start!
    Hope you're feeling okay now tho.
  • HAHAHA! I'm sorry you're not well but that made me laugh. I know how worried you've been about not having symptoms.

    Not I'm going to try and stop wishing the same for myself....LOL. Keep some ginger biscuits closeby.
  • Awww bless you! Take it easy today if you've passed out, have a nice relaxing day, and enjoy your symptoms!
  • Well...yey i thinkimage
  • oh dear said i though you may get away with no symptoms in last post. but hey if that reassures you then you carry on fainting etc, lol.
    Filo x
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