luna pram

has anyone got or knows someone with the luna mamas n papas pram? i realy like them but had mixed reactions bout it.


  • hi i'm not much help as i've got the quinny buzz but i really like the luna pram too especially the green one its gorge!saw one on ebay the other day goin cheap,would have got it myself if hadn't already bought 1!!
  • they r realy nice sorry 4 bei cheeky but how much u pay for quinny buzz?
  • i was lucky swapped with my friend!!i had the quinny zaap for my toddler and she had the buzz for her lo who is 9 mths n she said shed like the zaap as its smaller n handy when babys older n i said id lv the buzz cuz looked cozy 4 a newborn so we did a swap n i gave her my zaap + ??50!i've also bought the maxi cosi car seat to use with the buzz and in car off ebay for ??45,well chuffed!i've saved loads in this pregnancy with ebay!!lol x
  • lol i think u do bargain hunt tho more with ur second, thanx 4 replying.x
  • u cud just spend a fortune n they r neva in anything 4 2 mins,dnt get me wrong id neva skrimp n get crappy makes or anything u just realise how much u dnt need 2 spend i think afta having 1!
  • I like the luna but have heard mixed reviews. They have a new updated one out that is meant to address any issues with the old model. To be honest there are good and bad reviews about all pushchairs. I've stopped reading them now as it made me more confused!
  • i have the luna in plum, it is a brilliant buggy ive had a few now an this has to be the best, my daughter was 18months when i bought it for her she has had 4 others before hand the luna is really sturdy, easy to control with even 1 hand, still has a good size shop basket and the child gets some flexibility as the straps are not connected to the back of pushcahir my daughter loves it as she can be more nosey, i have also bought the car seat and attachements which means i can use it from newborn for my next arrival i would reccommend to anyone who uses public transport, walks alot or even has a fair size boot i just cant believe i didnt get one sooner xx

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