hi, is anyone else really hot, i have always had 2 rap up because I'm cold all the time pre-pregnancy. But now i feel like I'm on fire have to have my window open fall at night next to nothing on and no heating anyone else feel like this?
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  • Yes, it's making me so irritable as well. I've just opened my bedroom windows to cool the room down as I can't bear to go in there. It's only february and my baby is due late august! I'll have to get the air conditioning unit out that my husband bought for me when I was pregnant last year. I might have a cold shower before bed. If my husband wasn't working away he'd have to have one too since I'm so ratty!

    Sorry for moaning! Denise xxx
  • No lve been the opposite, lm freezin all the time got to have the heating on constantly. The joys of being pregnant image

  • i hate it god knows how anyone copes when its summer im so glad i have been pregnant in winter. Tori XxX
  • i so know how u feel - i was always the cold one pre-pregnancy, and pretty much ever since i got preg (am37+1) i have felt mega boiling hot- is a nightmare cos i live in Aberdeenshire and it does get really cold up here and i keep opening windows and turning heating off, so OH is always freezing image
  • Hi, Ive bin the opposite as well, im normally really hot and since been pregnant iv bin freezing, which is a bit of a drag now coz all my "cover up" clothes dnt fit me anymore. With my last pregnancy tho i was boiling, and i dint giv birth til mid august and the last couple of wks were a nightmare. I had a big industrial fan next to my bed, my OH was freezing, ha ha ha, Kerry xxx

  • lol my problem is i can't regfulate my temp lol i'm either too hot or too cold lol if i get too hot and take a jumper off i end up too cold rapidly lol want my body and life back hurry up June want my baby out fully cooked and healthy! so sick of the probs i'm having with the pregnancy! we have heating on full whack but son't sleep under duvet lol its funny
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