OMG - did you see the pregnant MAN in the papers!!!

I thought it was a joke, but a transexual who was once a women and has had a sex change to be a man, stopped taking his hormone injections in order to fall pregnant and is now 5 months gone. I cannot believe how ignorant and selfish he and his female wife are to think this is OK. Due to the hormones he was taking his childs sexual organs could be completely messed up. I have every sympathy with people who cannot have children but this should not have been allowed.


  • hi i sawa quick glimpse of that and i too thought it was a joke. am i right in thinking he has man parts on the outside ? but his lady parts on the inside? how would the baby get out, by c-sec i guess. now that is a strange one. isnt it wrong to want it both ways?im not sure about that. is there a reason why the wife could not carry the child? im a bot confused to be honest, might go and try and google about it x
  • talk about having cake and eating it! Don't u kind of forfeit natures functions (ie carrying babies) by opting to change your gender? Isn't that rather the don't want to be a woman anymore or do anything associated with being a woman? I'm a bit confused by this one i think...
  • but who are you to say who should be a parent and who shouldnt. For all you know the baby could be bought up in a loving warm secure family and not be raised with narrow minded views. out of curiosity do you disagree with gay marrige/adoption etc?
  • each to their own i guess. maybe the woman was infertile and this was their only option. as long as they love the lo i guess congratulations to them

    ps i don't mind. if 2 partners can bring up a child then it doesn't matter if they are gay straight or rainbow coloured xxxxxxxxxx
  • i think it is wrong in a way (the male pregnancy i mean, not gay marriages etc), becasue it is messing with nature twice! it just seems a bit like some kind of weird experiment, sorry if that offends anyone. i am not against gays or transexuals or whatever, but i do feel that as someone else said, you give up the right to do woman things if you decide to be a man. (or vice versa)

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  • i absolutely agree with lauragcam - i am not in any way against single sex marriages or gay couples having babies, but i do think that this particular case (of man physically carrying baby) is severely messing with nature. If the lo is loved, happy and secure then good luck to them but i would have thought it raises serious ethical issues within the medical community...but at the end of the day, whats done is done and i'm sure they will make good parents and will give the child everything he/she needs in life.
  • but giving up the right to be a woman doesnt mean you give up the feeling of wantingto be a parent. if it is physically possible and can be done safely without causing injury to the baby or parent why not? i dunno i just think this world is waaaay to judgemental and people shouldnt be judged on gender, colour, orienation etc. ANNNND if someone said to me here if you give this hormone to your hubby and HE will be able to have your next baby i would ram it down his throat!!
  • ok good point...maybe men lugging the bump for us gals for 9 mnths is way forward!!! lol
  • This is worrying - mainly because it is the 1st case (that I know of anyway). Its not just the immediate here and now that should be considered but the future feelings of the child. When children are taught the facts of life - it does not (as yet) involved their daddy giving birth to them. I hope for all parties concerned this does not have far reaching consequences that nobody will know of for years to come.

    I am not being judgemental as I dont believe anyone should but as in ALL cases it is the future wellbeing of the child that should be thought about.

    Love Lee
  • i saw this too, and was a little shocked! i think older mum ur right, i have nothing against gay/lesbian. surely the child will be confused? i just worry about the child! also another thing is i saw that the hormones that this man used to get facial hair etc can have an effect on a baby such as the genitals being effectd, even when the treatment has been stopped for a little while, i just worry, as im a student childrens nurse and ive seen some of the things that go wrong, im sure though that this will be hotly debated. xxchelsxx
  • I must clarify that I see no reason why anyone, gay, bisexual, transexual or even hetrosexual cannot be good parents and bring up children in a fantastic loving family home. However this man HAS put his unborn child at risk because of his hormones, and actually miscarried (according to paper) on a previous pregnancy. What is wrong with adoption? There are hundreds of kids in this country alone who need loving homes, if its about being a parent why not offer a home to them?
  • I think that if the baby is affected physically then this does raise serious issues. On the subject of miscarriage, this does happen during "normal" pregnancies too. I didn't really think about the whole baby coming from daddy convo before and it does make me wonder how this will be handled. There is another point too, this is obviously a huge thing for the media, when baby is born, people will be photographing etc. what happens when baby is 7 or 8 and starts to realise that situation isn't "normal" and people start making comments etc. I still have to say I will try not to judge and that if this is aloving family then I won't frown upon it etc, but there are certauinly more things to think about than I realised in my first post - i am not changing my opinion, merely acknowledging more points of view - if that makes sense lol xxx
  • i have to agree, this is a woman who took hormones to become a man (and had operations for all the nessc bits...), and has stopped taking them to have a baby - not a man taking hormones to get pregnant.

    the hormone cocktail could affect the unborn child, we prob wont know until the scan/birth...

    and i also have to say if it was their choice to stop being a woman why couldnt they adopt a child who needs a loving home?

    gay/bi/straight/colour does not come into this, not for me.
  • it is weird but there are women out there that pump their bodies full of drugs and booze and do damage to their children, miscarridge is a possibility in all pregnancy. The'wife' can not have children as she had a hystorectomy some years ago.

    There are questions as to the childs future and they will have to make the desicion as to whether they tell the child the truth, which it will probably except as normal or do they hide it and let it find out when it's older and unable to take it all in? Children at school can be cruel but it's getting more and more common to have 2 mums or 2 dads, so you never know, hopefully our LO will be brought up in a more open world.

    It is all privately funded so no hardship to anyone else, plus they are from American, Oregon I think.

    Over all, these parents want their child and it will be loved and cared for, regardless of who carries it and gives birth. From what I can tell he's still got all the female bits, for those worried how he was gonna give birth, just think of how he artifically inseminated him self in the first place!

    Obviously it still remains to be seen if the child has recieved any damage from the hormones but untill it's made clear it's not really fair to prosecute them for something that may not happen.

    DH would jump at the chance to carry a child, BUT genetically this is still a woman, just with more facial hair and no boobs.
  • i do agree with u mummy lisa about the child being brought into an open world etc, its not that im prosecuting them, im sure there be good parents, but the things is that it is possible it could happen due to something that he put into his body, that could cause damage, i think it does matter what gender carries a child, mainly due down to what that child will face when he/she goes to school,kids can be nasty and i jsut worry xxchelsxx
  • silly qu and totally off subject, but i know OH is other half, but what is DH? Sorry if i sound like an eejit lol xxxx
  • thank god another voice of reason mummylisa there are far to many ill informed people on the bandwagon here and its starting to piss me off. we all carry an individual difference in levels of hormone and have different tolerances to it. we all at some point have put and increased hormones in our bodies either by the things we do eat drink and the pill etc. there are thousands of women out there that drink,smoke take drugs that harm there unborn children. there are also thousands of socially inept bigottted people out there raising children. oldermum i dont mean to be directly offensive to you and this is not my opinion but some may worry about the wellbeing of 'your' would you feel if the whole world said to you that you had given up the right to have children because youre past it?? unfair!!
  • I was not persecuting anyone for any decisions. My only concern is the health and wellbeing of the child as it should be in any situation no matter what sex, colour or sexual orientation the parents are. This would be a break through case so the media coverage is likely to be intense which is also a major factor in the childs life. In the future things like this could become normal - I personally remember the first IVF baby and the media attention then and it is obviously now really effective for loads of parents!

    I just really hope that no matter what the "science" the child is fit, healthy and loved throughout its life and not used for "media attention" and research!!!!

    Love Lee
  • dh = dear husband i think
  • hmmmmm I've just read the article in the independant and he is under a confidentiality clause until April the he can't address the media until this time...could it be a hoax!!!

    I'll be interested to see how it unfolds, it may be similar to the transplant competition hoax done to raise awarness of the lack of donors....this could be to raise awareness of equal rights for all....

    Or I could be completely wrong (happens often)...

    I belive that if someone can offer and safe and nurturing home and life for a child they should be able to be a parent no matter race, sex, sexuality, financial standing, age etc....I have worked with to many children who desperately want to be adopted but the long and strict process makes it difficult.

    right, i'll get off my soapbox now, ha ha....

    time for some cake....
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