So fed up! how can i get things moving??

Hi again,

You may have read my other post, i had a show at the weekend and ever since i've been having contractions on and off and a constant period type pain!

I've spoken to the labour ward again who have said it is a show (first time i phoned she said it didn't sound like a show as it had brown in it!!! which is wrong!!) anyway they said with the pains aswel, labour isn't far away but to stay at home for now and keep active!

I'm trying to keep active but i'm soooooooooo tired as the contractions keep me awake all night but still no baby!!
I'm feeling very miserable and uncomfortable as i'm in constant pain and its really getting to me!!
How can i speed things up! I'm getting desperate, i've been marching on the spot for the past half hour!!!!! and i am having contractions but they appear at random rather than every however many mins!

Sorry to go on but please give me some tips to get him out!!!! :\(


  • Hello..Im sure you sitting there waiting for some replies! Although Im only 15 weeks, when I spent some time shadowing a midwife a few years ago I remember her suggesting to someone about having sex and eating curry. Not sure about the latter but having sex is meant to help.....however if your having random contractions Im not sure if it will help. Maybe a a hot warm bath first may help.....

    Sorry Im not much help....hope it all goes well when he does appear. Maybe he's staying inside cos its so cold at the mo lol! xxx
  • Thanks, tried the bath earlier still nothing, just read somewhere about stimulating nipples so think i will try that lol
  • Aw poor you just waiting on things to happen, I'm not much help as i'm first time mum at only 36wks, i was really uncomfortable at weekend with a constant pain for 3 hrs but a hot soak in the bath helped, ive read for all a bath is supposed to help with the pain it can also slow things down and make contractions more irregular but not sure sorry, hope you don't have too long to wait xxxxx
  • was thinking of bath before sex to enable you not to be so tense...if that makes sense.. Im not sure of your relationship situation...but if partner is with you get him to give you lots of tlc in bed if you can mange it image xxx

    Try not to get too stressed about it as your baby can sense how your feeling. Im sure that
  • Weren't sure if we could have sex (although hubby has kindly suggested several times!!!) lol as i have had a show?!?!? weren't sure if it would cause probs!!
    Unfortunately he works nights! lol
  • ah... ddint think of that reimagehow. I would may text phone mw and ask. Keep hubby happy lol image Im guessing you've finished work if you were (!).....speak to midwife 1st thing if it is early enough before hubby gets back so you can lie in bed and give you some needed tlc. Hopefully teh answer is yes and you can look forward to tomorrow night before he goes to work!! nite nite hope you have some sleep...i guess it cant be fun when hubby not around when your awake at night. xxx
  • don't know if u've managd to get into full labour yet but using a breast pump can help, or sex not neccessarily full sex but maybe the use of hands?!
  • think its ok to have sex unless ur water have gone, but not 100% on that. try clary sage oil in bath or on massage in bump mixed with another oil as u cant put it on neat. this is supposed to regulate contractions apparently! good luck xx
  • still no baby, saw MW today and he is engaged and his est weight is good so she just said be patient!
    She laughed at me and said i've got a real woddle now, said she could tell he was ready by the way i was walking!
    I'm only 4'10" and very very big which is why i think bump wants to come early, he has just ran out of room!
    At least i get him for xmas! can't wait!!
  • im 13 weeks now with 2nd baby but with my son i drank raspberry tea n had a bath next minute having contractions n waters broke, try that (the tea tastes awful though lol,) good luck
  • They reckon sperms good for getting things going and it works better if you drink it - I went 6 days over with mine and if that was the only way he was going to come out - he could wait and come out when it was time to start school, I'd rather do it all again - drug free this time than drink that - but depends how desperate you get - xx
  • Think i'll pass on drinking sperm lol, but did try sex last night (sorry for tmi) woke up an hour or so later having contractions and they were alot stronger than the braxtons i've been used to, but again they stopped and no baby!!
    The only reason i'm so frustrated is because i had the show last week so i'd got my hopes up, and got my head round having him early, and since the show i've been so uncomfortable with BH and period type pains, i'm 37 weeks today so could still have a way to go but they say up to 2 weeks after a show so strictly speaking should be this week!?!?!
    Just eaten a spicy burger so lets see!!

    Samantha 37wks
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