arnica tablets anyone?

i have packed these, but im not sure when i should take them, i asume just after the birth/section?


  • Iwas told by lady in h&b not to take them until after the birth but i too am gonna ask mw when to take them.
  • I would like to know this too? I have them in my hosp bag. x
  • Hi, I've got a little pack of homeopathic pills for labour, and the ones I'm most interested in taking are arnica. It just says to take them during and after labour when needed - they help with pain and if the labour is taking too long. I plan on taking them every 2-3 hours during labour, and for 2-3 doses afterwards. I had them when I had a small operation once, and they definitely helped with healing xx
  • Hmmm thats odd ok deffo speak to mw next week!lol.
  • They're the smallest things in the world! They're like little 3-dimensional full stops.

    Sorry, don't know the answer to the question that was actually asked - all I know is I took them for a few weeks after Lily's birth and I'm incredibly pleased with how fast and well I've healed (had sex 16 days after the birth & it was all normal - BETTER than normal image )
  • think i may just start taking after birth based on the instructions on back, i asume they ok when breastfeeding?
  • Yep fine to take when breastfeeding :\)
  • I was told to take them prior to labour in the few weeks leading up to the birth. Also to make sure to tak one before the cord is cut. that way the baby gets some arnica to help calm after the trauma of the delivery x
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