Your expert advice needed ladies...

Hi ladies

I have been feeling off for a couple of days and thought that I had a water infection. I have been drinking loads of water and cranberry juice but it got worse and I went to the doctors this evening with a sample.

The doctor said I had blood in my sample which could be a sign of infection and she would send it off. She gave me a weeks course of Amoxicillin (sp) just in case.

Has anyone else had this? I know it can be quite common but would like some advice/experiences.

Hope everyone is well

Kirsten x x
11 weeks today!!!


  • I had the exact same thing this weekend. I am on antibiotics for it. I was in pretty extreme pain so NHS direct made me an appointment at the emergency clinic at the hospital and they said I had blood and protein in my urine. I am feeling much better having drank 2 litres of cranberry juice and I am on day 3 of my antibiotics.
    I read up on it, 1 in 25 pg women get a UTI and once you get one you are prone to them throughout your pg which is a cheery thought, Hope you are feeling better soon!
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