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Hiya yer it was me who replied on that post on the 'introduce yourself' page!
We havent really bought anything just a little outfit and thats it so far! Dan's gonna get making the cot after xmas though so can't wait for that!
I can't believe your feeling baby kick you in the ribs lol I'm not feeling him as strong as that yet just big flutters maybe a lil kick.
I got the tickers off a couple of websites they are on the tickers I think. Just go on there and make yours then copy the link with URL at the beginning and end of it into notepad or something and you gota copy and paste everytime you wana put it in a post.
When is your next scan?





  • My nxt scan is 5th jan. depends on how baby lying. its not as bad now so fink its moved dwn thnk god can b really uncomfy u will get all that soon. u decided on ur birth plan yet? x x
  • Well not really just gonna see what happens I think. Water birth sounds good but I think would be too much hassle! Plenty of time to think about that yet anyway! Have you thought much about it?
  • i want a home birth me thinks. bt gonna c what midwife ses :P wen ya got ya nxt midwife appointment?
  • I think you put the wrong link in. You want the one with URL at the beginning and end.
    I think a home birth would be good but I wouldn't want one in the house I'm in now, too much hassle with the passageway and stuff. Pepper would probably get in the way as well! haha.
    My next mw appointment is middle of january when I'll be 25 weeks!
  • i dont under stand the thing lol its 2 complicated 4 me. yeh i just dnt like hostpitals worst place ever. but gonna c wot midwofe ses wen i go nxt week. cant wait. u ahvin the 4d scans dun? x x
  • Not sure yet, probably not cuz they are quite expensive. Have you decided whether you are yet?
    Don't know how else I can help you with the ticker lol I'll have to show you sometime.
  • yeh u will lol. yeh im havin thm dun thy amazing u get dvd n that worth the money. just hoping every fin all rite wiv this 1 dnt think i can handle goin 4 a scan every 2 weeks agen or not havin baby in lincoln. only week till my scan now. Cant wait x
  • hiya i was juts readin threw the things and dnt under stand the things ppl us like oh n stuff like i no wot that is but confuses me were do u find out? x
  • Yer its confusing at first!
    I think there is a post in the general forum or one of them ones but I picked most of it up from reading other posts. 'oh' means 'other half' though!
    So will you find out at your next scan if everything is ok?
  • yeah n thn gotta have blood taken which not lookin 4ward 2 coz thy can neva get blood from me n i get sent 2 blood cliect so im up there ages aint even seen my midwife yet not gonna meet her till 25 weeks x x
  • yeah n thn gotta have blood taken which not lookin 4ward 2 coz thy can neva get blood from me n i get sent 2 blood cliect so im up there ages aint even seen my midwife yet not gonna meet her till 25 weeks x x
  • Is that the community midwife? Thats strange because I met mine at 16 weeks, how come you don't meet her then? Which doctors are you at is it one in skelly?
    Dan can't watch when I have blood taken lol because of the needle, even with the amount of tattoo's he's got!
  • i dont no the 1 u c at the doctors. coz im at hostpital on monday and having my blood there thy neva told me 2 book in with my midwife think i mite ring 2 moz just in case i was ment to lol. do u get 2 hear babys heart beat at the appointment? coz i can not remember lol. no its the 1 nt 2 nk. were u at? xxx
  • I'm at the one next to NK lol if you go there you'll see Claire she's the community midwife. I'd ring and ask them cuz they told me to book one at 16 weeks. But if your at hospital and having blood you probably dont need to, thats the one I had blood taken for downs syndrome and spina bifida.
    I didnt get to listen to heartbeat but I think you can if you ask.
  • o ritey yeh i will. u wud think id no this bein on my 2nd lol u 4get stuff so quick its mad. wot buggy u gettin? im gettin that ted n phills 1 i reckon aint sen any ova 1 i like x
  • At the mo I'm set on the Quinny Buzz, I've changed my mind a couple of times but think I'm set on that one now. Haven't you got Briany's still? I don't think I've seen the ted n phills wil have a look for it. The Quinny Buzz looks good though, really easy to put up as well apparently I havent had a test drive yet though!
  • Just been on the phil and teds website forgot that you'd need a double buggy now haha suppose they're harder to find!
  • yeh i got 3 buggys 4 bryany the last 1 i brought only used couple ov times. its like a quinny but its not its to small 4 us with us bein tall its low dwn lol. reckon im gnna sell thm n just use double 1 wen it comes bin told by white which im havin boy fingers crossed :P cant wait to c it only few days yay. x x
  • Well I need mine to be small lol and dan wil just have to cope with what I get haha.
    I've replied to your other post asking who the white witch was lol.
  • lol its cindys m8 from spain. i sed 2 her ill let u no wot i get n how i get on and she was like u dont need 2 i no... ur having a boy image bit freeky. yeh we did look at quinnys wen we had bryany but i like the travel systems. more if i had waited id ov got the silver cross 3d or 1 like that they really nice. x x


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