I'm new, pregnant and need advice please!

Hello ladies,
I got BFPs last week, but I keep having the weird worry that I'm imagining it! I don't really know where I was cycle wise as I'd only recently come off the pill, I keep thinking I should do another test in case it's gone away but I've done 3, the last one 3 days after the first, is that enough? The first I did in the morning 2 days after I think AF was due and it was very faint, it was a cheapy one so I did a first response that evening and it was clearer, I did another FR 3 days later and it was very strong positive.

I heard you can get a positive and then have it go away if you test very early which I might have done if my cycle had changed, it's been a week since the first tests now and no AF do I need to test again or should I stop being daft and celebrate!?

Thankyou so much, it's my first and I havn't a clue!


  • Hi there,

    I know it's hard to believe as it's so amazing, but you definitely are pregnant - CONGRATULATIONS!! image The tests pick up a hormone that's only produced in pregnancy, so you'd only get a positive if you're actually pregnant, not if you test too early - and you've had 3 positives! Ooh, how exciting! xxx
  • here here CONGRATS you are pregnant!! have a good 9 months hun xx


  • i agree, and as u tested after AF was due then it wldn't be too early. 3 positives!! CONGRATZ! i only did one test, i don't think u need to do any more, u've had it confirmed 3 times!

    congratz again

  • Congratulations, you're pregnant!!!!

    know what you mean about not believeing it - i did 3 tests as well!

    here's to a happy and healthy 9 months :\)

    aileen xx
  • Congratulations!

    Its possible to get false negatives (negative result when you are pregnant), but I think its very rare to get false positives. I hope this gives you some comfort.

  • Congrats!! I would stop worrying and celebrate, I would avoid champers though lol!

    Don't those clearblue ones give you a rough idea of how far gone you are by measuring how much hormone there is?
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