to my shame i watched "kerry katona, crazy in love " last night (hubby away and nothing else on tele :lolimage

anyway i was appalled at her behaviour while pregnant, she continues to smoke in her own words between 5 and 20 a day! she went (was forced) to go and get hypnotised and still whined on "but i want one" like a pathetic immature little chav. she had no concideration for her unborn child, it was just i want a fag so i will have one.

i know how hard it is as i used to enjoy the odd fag myself but i would not even think about having one while this little one is inside me.


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  • I don't like her either...I don't smoke myself but I can excuse pregnant women for having a slip up as it is very difficult to quit, so I have heard. I still have the odd drink! But apparently she does drugs and there's no excuse for that! xxxx


  • I watched that programme and it really annoyed me i can't believe how much she is drinkin and smokin. I drank quite a lot at the beginnin as i didn't realise was pg til late on and i feel really guilty bout it but there she is jst downin glasses of wine! And also the nanny gave her back her baby to hoId and it had been sick and she was like yuk! and jst handed the back to the nanny cos she couldn't b arsed to clean her up herself!
  • I hate her I hate her I hate her! Why is someone paying her to behave like this? I know how hard it is to give up smoking, fortunately for me I had all but quit anyway when I got pregnant the first time and it was relatively easy for me to stop, but she isn't even trying! She is a bloody bad example to be setting and to me just about sums up everything bad about chavs
  • I didn't see it but I really dislike her attitude. I smoked when I got pregnant with my first but gave up as soon as I found out I was pregnant, which I appreciate not all people can do I fortunatley dont smoke this time round anyway but you would think she would try to paint a more positive image of herself for any young girls who do think shes 'cool' anyone with half a pea brain knows smoking is not good when pregnant and def not something to be taken lightly. You would think she would have portrayed it as she was at least making an effort to cut down quit! her PR guys must really hate her to let her commit career suicide! Iceland will be running a mile soon! LOL
  • it really is cringeworthy tv, how she thinks she will redeem herself with this show is beyond me!
    I think she has seen what it has done for Katie Price & Peter Andre and thinks she can do the same, however Kerry is just a loudmouthed fishwife with an equally lowlife husband.

    Those poor kids :0(
  • I can't stand her either, unbelievable that she won mother of the year a few years ago. She should be ashamed of the way she behaves - i'm sure her children must be picked on at school because of her. What a crappy role model for them to look up to.
  • I read her book and had quite liked her up untill that point...thinking she just got a rough time in the press! But she is Simply awful! all about me me me! did you see her Johnathan Ross out her F**King tree and high as a kite! and pregnant makes it all the worse ... tut tut shame on her!
  • i thaught the show was sposed to change peoples opinions of her but shes just living up 2 her reputation. i cant help but notice the time NOT spent with her kids, this sundays one heidi was sick on her top and kerry put her hand in it and passed her straight back to the nanny disgusted. it could be the way its filmed but it really is making her and her fella look like knobs
  • Hi what channel was this on? and do you know if it will be repeated? I saw her on richard and judy the other week and she looked awful!
  • its on mtv every sunday 10pm the first one is repaeting from last week then the one after it is the new one, i use to like her and hate him, but now i dont like her but think he is ok and he seems tp put up with alot off her x
  • its repeated on mtv everynight at 10 x
  • http://www.mtv.co.uk/kerrykatona
    you can watch some of the clips on that xx
  • i say if she wants to smoke let her because normal ppl smoke and no one says anything.just cause she is a celebrity thats y everyone is kicking up a fuss.
  • i understand that, but i dont think its ok for "normal" people to smoke either. whats more important a fag or an unborn baby. i think it is selfish beyond words

  • She is just a complete dick dont waste your energy or your time watching her stupid programme notbecouse of the smoking as i smoked for 16 years and gave up as soon as i got pregnant , but i realise it is an addiction and i wouldnt slag any one for doing it but for everything else kerry katona does especially the drugs. she should have her kids took off her, she is lowlife scum
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