bunged up both ends!!

Hi all. i'm 10 weeks. this past two weeks i have had a bunged up nose, no snot very dry but very buged up and sinusy and even worse i have been SEVERELY constipated ive been eating plenty of fruit and drinking water but nothing is shifting. when i do actually manage to go its like giving birth with contractions and panting the lot! i asked at the pharmacy if i could take anything and they didnt know. all they could suggest was prune juice to which i replied i would rather drink my own urine. i seriously wouldnt be able to keep it down without vomiting, i thought i'd ask you very clever experienced ladies before i bothered the midwife with it. i know the that a surge in progesterone in early pregnancy causes constipation so fingers crossed it'' "PASS" soon. xx


  • Have you tried plenty of orange juice, should help with constipation and the cold. When ever I've been a bit constipated(when preg or not) I just have to drink a cup of coffee lol. Doc may be able to give you lactolouse for constipation if nothing else shifts it. I think you can only take paracetamol for the cold, but vick/olbas oil may help the sinuses
  • hi,
    well im sorry to tell u when i asked my midwife she said prunes............ sorry!!!!!!
  • hi hun
    i had have had thid problem and my doc said senokot is ok to take when pregnant but dont take allt he time

    hope it helps

  • orange juice, orange's themselve. I hate prunes, and prune juice. but my step mum said to try orange juice, i drank orange uice by the carton a day and had a whole orange a day too, and within two days i wasnt constipated anymore.

    still eating them as we speak. lol
  • i've just been to docs who gave me laculose (it worked the day after taking it) and some1 else suggested Fibrgel you get both from chemist or prescription if you have your maternity exemption card yet
  • been eating lots of oranges as ive been craving juicy stuff for ages. will try OJ as well though. if not ill get some lactolose. used to take senokot all the time when i was young as have suffered with it on/off for years just not to this extremity.
  • hi, I'm 10 weeks too and know how your feeling..the best thing i've found is to make sure i have a small bowl of all bran with a chopped banana on every day (gross but high fibre!) and start the morning with a lemon and ginger and tea..honestly i don't know whats in it but even after the first few sips i can feel my tummy kind of growling and moving and by the end of the mug i'm ready to get things moving! (sorry tmi)..anyway mines a twinnings one and may help you too if you can bear the taste, worth a try as the lemon helps abit with the cold symptoms too. good luck!x
  • I haven't suffered from constipation, phew lol. But when I have been constipated in the past, bran flakes have always helped a lot, worth a try!
  • I had this problem at around 10 weeks too hun. At one point i was sat on toilet in tears thinking about giving up....whilst half way through!! hehe! dunno how the hell im gonna go on in labour!!!
    I had lots of orange juice, brown bread and water! I heard that fibregel is quite good but didnt try it myself.
    Im now 18 weeks and completely constipation free! There is light at the end of the....ahem.....tunnel for you hun!!!
    lis x
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