What are you all eating?

I am a little worried because I am constantly hungry but eating all the wrong things.
I have a good breakfast, usually a cheese sandwich for lunch and a good dinner with meat or fish and veg and potatoes but snack continuously on chocolate, crisps, cakes and biscuits throughout the day.
I am not so much worried about the weight at the mo as I have only put on 12 pounds so far but more about the health of lo with all the fat and sugar I am consuming,
I just can't seem to stop. Anyone else like this?
What are you all snacking on? Any tips?

Please help!


  • Hi Rachel, I wouldn't worry to much as long as you are getting a fairly healthy diet on the whole. My weekness is for biscuits (any kind) and ice cream!!!!
    Tammi xxx
  • Hi Rachel, I really wouldn't worry. Think of all the women that eat nothing but takeaways all through pregnancy. All I ate in my first trimester was toast and butter. And I have ate loads of fatty and sugary foods too. I don't seem to be able to put on loads of weight now I'm pregnant so I am making the most of it believe me! xxxxx
  • Me too - 2 good meals a day plus a micro meal in the evening (no cooker at mo) which is crap and loads of rubbish in between. Seems like my willpower has left for the foreseeable future. I cannot even tell you what I've eaten today as I'm sooooo ashamed!

  • I've been the same! Have been gorging on crap & the "full-up" feeling went out the window!
    From today i've tried to start a proper healthy eating program (not a diet!!) so that i don't scoff 3 choc bars or 4 bags of crisps in a row! My fridge is now full of fruit & veg, and i've put some ice-lollies in the freezer as my treat!
    Guess you shouldn't worry too much when pregnant, as long as your having plenty of good food as well!
    Sarah xx
  • not a fat lot is the simple answer to that question! morning sickness took hold fast this time and just the thought of putting food in my mouth has me heaving. this is not unexpected though as i had a rough time with my first baby, but by god i'll be glad when i get my appetite back properly!!!
  • Cheese, cheese and more cheese. I have it on everything and it is ssoooo bad for me and full of fat but i'm trying to balance out meals so i have a balanced diet.


  • I've been eating quite a balanced diet since becoming pregnant but in the last few weeks my appetite has soared (not a bad thing as my baby isn't growing properly) & i'm a bit addicted to KFC zinger meals- when i've eaten one I feel like I could eat another 5 minutes later once the feeling that too much food & baby doesn't mix passes!

    Lauren (38+5)
  • hi i really wouldnt worry, as long as you are having some healthy foods as well which you are. i eat loads of rubbish too, and did the first time too and my wee girl is perfectly healthy. i ate one of my easter eggs today (a whole one!) couldnt resist, but when else can you get away with that kind of thing?


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