Not offered a 12 week scan, anyone else have the same prob?

Hi All,

I am currently 13 and a half weeks and found out yesterday that my Primary Care Trust (West Hertfordshire) doesn't offer the 12 week scan, only the 20 week one.

Has anyone else come across this?



  • Yes my sister wasn't offered a early scan a few years ago even though she was spotting, they told her not to worry and she had to wait till 20 weeks.

    Our local primary care trust does offer 12 week dating scans now aswell as the 20 week one. (Rotherham).

  • Hiya,
    I don't get a 12 week scan in my area either, so I have booked a private dating scan for this saturday when I will be 13 weeks. It costs ??50 so maybe you could find out about one near you?
    I'm using lb health centre and I think they have them all round the
  • I'm from Edinburgh and we only get the 12 week scan. Everwhere seems to be different. All the private scan centres must make a fortune out of it! x
  • Yes, I live in Wiltshire and our health authority don't offer the 12 week scan either, it's pants! The first scan we get on the NHS is the 18-22 week anomoly scan! Me and hubby paid ??200 to have a private nuchal scan last week. We don't even get that on the NHS even though I'm 35 and so-called at high risk!! It was amazing to see lo wriggling about, and the results showed we are low risk for Down's so it was well worth spending the money. But I think it's wrong that what you get on the NHS is dependent on your postcode!! xxxx

  • We get both in Aberdeen but that wasn't the case a couple of years ago apparently. So I feel very lucky. But we don't get the nuchal scan done - I would have had to go private for that. Instead we only get a blood test at 16 weeks (which I didn't get til 17) which is less accurate but also tests for other problems too (like spina bifida). I just think it's a bit late if there is a problem. I thought the amnio was supposed to be done at about 16 weeks and I'm only just getting a screening test done then... Thankfully mine was fine!

    I think it's shocking that the 20 week scan isn't offered because there are obvious complications that are better identified at earlier stages (eg a low placenta which a friend of mine had). And the 12 week scan is important for checking the baby is fine, dating the pregnancy (so all your other checks are done at about the right time) and seeing how many babies you will have. Think all of that is pretty important. Not that any of us need convincing!
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