Stupid Hospital!

Hi hope everyones well. In Feb l had to go the hos as l ws having stomach pains, wen l got there they took a sample and said it was clear but would send it away for further testing. I never heard anything back so l assumed everything ws ok, well l received a letter 2day saying l had a infection and go and get antibiotics 3 mths ltr!Im soo angry it could've been something more serious bloody nhs x


  • OMG thats terrible! Have you been having the pains all this time too? I would be writing a very strong letter of complaint if i were you! That is unforgiveable! Hope all is well for you now x

  • Its shockin. No the pains went away after a couple of days. Ive got the hos on Mon so lm goin to complain to the mw then x
  • omg!
    i went to hosp about 8 weeks ago with the same thing and they said urine clear, but sent it away as thought it could be infection, i havent heard anything . hope that doesnt happen ive only got 3weeks left.
    id be really pissed if i was you ! xxx
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