6 weeks no sac but a postitive pregnancy test?


I'm 6 weeks pregnant and over the weekend i started bleeding pinkish colour but only when i wiped could i see it. My doctor advised i go to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit and get checked out. I went today and had the Internal Scan, they found nothing, no sac at all. All my ovaries and etc are fine. They suspected an ectopic pregnancy or as i have a 33 day cycle, possible its just too early. Went and had another test which showed moderate levels of pregnancy hormone. They don't suspect a miscarriage - not enough blood or ectopic as i'm not in sevre pain or feeling unwell, only mild lower tummy pain. They said there's a chance it could be a biochemical pg or its just too early, but they did say they would expect the sac to be there at this stage. I've got go back next weeka and re-do a test and scan.

Anyone had the same? it's going to be the longest week ever.:\?


  • fingers crossed that it is good news - thinking of you
  • Hi,
    Sorry iv not heard of this before but thought i wud say gud luck for next wk. It sounds like gud news in that they dnt suspect mc or EP, however it is really strange that they cnt detect anything. Like u said maybe its just to early, maybe ur not six weeks but earlier than that, which wud explain no detection. Keep us informed hope all goes well next wks. Kerry xxx

  • thinking of you at this tryiong time stay positive if the test is pos it could be you4-5 weeks preg not 6 especially with an irregular period
  • if your periods are irregular it maybe your dates are wrong.

    Going by my periods I should be 10 weeks today but am only 7.

    I had to have a scan as i had severe stomach pains. At the time i thought I was 7 weeks but all thay could see was a tiny dot and told me i was about 4 and a bit weeks. I had already had a positive preg test a week previously, which meant I got my bfp 4 days before my period was even due. I had to get re-scanned 2 weeks later and they saw a slightly bigger dot with a heartbeat.

    Fingers crossed, let us know how you get on....
  • Hi I had this is my last pregnancy, it was coz my dates were wrong, when I went back the following week, there was a heartbeat, my baby is now nearly 9 months old. I know its really hard not to worry, but try and put your feet up as much as you can, until next week. take care kelly x
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