38 weeks.....

ladies im 38 weeks and 4 days today and since last night i have felt sooooo sick....dont feel like eating much...is this normal??


  • Hi Del,

    Several of my friends had this just before they went into labour so keep an eye on things. They say its the bodys way of clearing itself before labour. However I had a day of feeling really nauseous last week and not much came of it. It quite surprised me though as i'm never sick, i never even got morning sickness.

    I hope you feel better soon babes, or even better have your baby!!

    Amy 40+3 xxxxx
  • thanks ladies....a baby now would be great....cant imagine being overdue....i would get sooo frustrated...like you Amy!!
    ive just made myself eat a sarnie for dinner as didt bother with breakfast.
    im hoping its baby getting ready...according my MW etc i still have 11 days til due date but if i went on my dates i am now 4 days overdue (bit of a discrepancy as to when i actually concieved).
    Fingers crossed
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