When did you get major symptoms?

Im 4 weeks today and all i have is major bloating, my nipples are sensitive to touch but nothing major - have weird white goosebumps round my nipples, the odd twinges in lower abdomen & gassy in the evening (sorry tmi but my farts really stink).

Is this normal or should i have more symptoms at this time?

When did your morning sickness begin?

im so worried ill m/c think because you hear so many sad stories, but im only 25, dont drink, smoke, drink caffeine & eat well & exercise but still cant help worrying!



  • hello you has it all sunk in yet lol ermmm at 4wks i had the same symptoms apart from goosebumps i had backache and waves of feeling sick but not being sick i have still got most of these now and il be 7wks on tues have you booked an appointment with your doctors yet? i think everyone has a little worry about m/c im still checking for my period now lol you'll be fine hun xx xx

  • wow hi hun I didnt see you BFP woo hoo well done!!!

    Well I am 10+3 and symtomless apart from sore boobs, major sore boobs..........getting maternity bra helped things. Those bumps by the way emit a scent only your baby can reognise so when they are first feeding and cant see they know where the nipple is and that you are babies mum (well thats what my preg books says) - mine come and go depending on how sore my boobs are.
    Week 10 they are starting to ease off.

    Everyone is different when symtoms start, some are straight away but lots when they reach the 6/7 week march when the hcg hits its peak (after than it levels out) dont be like me and do a late preg test at 8 weeks to notice the line was fainter.............had major panic and got my second scan and it turned out all fine and baby was happy as anything, hormones were just leveling off xxx
  • Hi 2bsmart, welcome to the glamourous world of oregnancy. i was similar to yo around week4-5. very smelly bottom, massive bloating, ( even though the following week i lost 4 pounds i still couldnt fit into my work trousers). Didnt have booby sensitivity at that point.

    At week 6 i began to feel exhasted and this is still me although it is starting to get beter. Random nausea began at abot 6 weeks but didnt really kick in untill 8 weeks and has also begun to subside I never have thrown up just wretched a bit. twinges and cramp remain also although less.

    For a lot of women sickness doesnt start untill around 8 weeks. There was a thread on this a while ago and that was a common consensus. I understand your concern. I wanted to be sick and throw p just so i knew bean was alright in there. Try not to worry about m/c. Worried mummy = worried buba xx
  • I had no real symptoms until I was 8 weeks and then the sickness kicked in bad! It is strange you spend all your time wanting symptoms so you feel pregnant and when they come you wish they would go away! I am feeling better these last few days as long as I eat little and often.

    10+3 today
  • I didnt get proper symptons until about 6-7 weeks, thats when the sickness and tiredness kicked in.

    Its hard not to worry but just think that although mcs are common the chances of you having a healthy pregnancy are much higher

    19+6 xxx
  • I started getting sore nipples and boobs straight away whicj has now worn of for me a bit, some people arn't so lucky, started wee for England after a few dasys which is still going strong, unlucky for me especially up down in the night about 3 times then tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep, always hungary, so I eat little and often eat something every 2-3 hours during the day, I have found that this stops me picking on rubbish. I have been a very lucky lady I have had no morning sickness at all which is very surprising as both my mum and nan were bad the whole time.


  • my second PG i didn't get symptoms till i was 11wks! so worry not lovey!

  • hi, i didn'tn have any symptoms at all, only reason i tested was cos af was a week late. began to start weeing more often around 15/16 weeks .i now have a very obvious symptom tho, an enormous bump lol

  • i didnt get any symptoms either. never had morning sickness, painful breasts or antyhign.

    beccie 37+3
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