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Just got back from my 16week mw appt and heart the heartbeat so know all is well. But i got weighed for the first time since i was 4 weeks and i have lost 3 pounds!! This worries me as i have never been sick, and have eaten more than before i was pregnant and so surely this is strange? The mw thinks the first weight was wrong but i dont think so and am a bit worried. I have a big bump too so seems strange to me.

Just wondering if this sounds ok or a cause for concern?


oh just thought i would add that i am small anyway at a size 8 so its not like i had any weight to lose.

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  • I dnt think its cause for concern hun, and ur mw clearly doesn't think so either. It could just be that ur burning extra calories now that ur pregnant so if ur not eating any more than u were before it is only to be expected that uv lost a little weight. 3lbs isn't an excessive amount anyway, id just see how u go over the next few weeks u'll probably find that u have a bit of a weight spurt. Kerry xxx

  • Hey lilylou
    i wouldnt worry to much i lost weight at the start of my pregnancy but i soon put it all back on lol and 3lbs isnt much . as long as your eating healthly and drinking plenty then you should be fine. your body does really wierd stuff whilst your pg. lol if your midwife dont seem worried , then i wouldnt worry. if you have got any concerns then tell midwife at nxt appointnment im sure she will reasure you .

    Donna 38+1
  • Hi - I lost 9lbs in the first 10 weeks and it took me until about 28 weeks to put it back on. I have put on more now though!image

    I wouldn't worry - enjoy the benefits! I still keep losing and gaining. I have put on 2 stone overall, so its not been a problem! And I'm 39+2. xxx
  • Hi thanks for the replies, i actually got a bit confused though and i went from 50 kg to 47 which means iv actually lost 7lbs so thats even worse, but i guess the mw would have seemed more worried if it was a problem.

    Oh well remind me i said this in another few months when im moaning about how much iv put on lol xxx
  • I wouldnt worry hun, i lost alot of weight in the first 20 weeks with my first child. Then i gained some and eventually when i had given birth i was half a stone lighter than when i started and he was a healthy 7lb 2oz baby. Your baby will have everything they need so dont stress yourself out x
  • Hi Lilylou,
    The same happened to me- when I went to the midwife at 13weeks I had lost weight-now at 16 +2 I've started to gain!!!
    I'm sure the mw would have said something if she was concerned.
    Take care
    Lydia xxxxx
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