reasons for being induced?

Hi I was just wondering if a doctor or midwife will induce you for non medical reasons? I found a discussion about this on another forum and some women were all for it while others said if you can go 38 weeks whats another few and its selfish. But I just found out that my 4 year old will be starting "big school" for the first time on the 5th of september and I'm due on the 31st of august. Abby starting school is such a big thing for both of us and I want to be able to take her for her first week but I'll either be overdue, having it or will have literally just given birth. I was thinking about talking to my midwife and seeing if she'll book me in for an induction a week early so I can have the baby get home and recover a little bit by the time Abby starts school, but is this selfish of me? My midwife has already said that she's happy to do a stretch and sweep 2 weeks before my due date because of Abby being so overdue and also, its going to be boiling hot!
Would appreciate any thoughts on this.


  • Personally, I wouldn't - I don't think you're selfish, but babies come when they're ready for a reason. I have heard that even at 37-38 weeks babies can suffer complications of prematurity like low birth weights, jaundice or breathing/feeding problems. Obviously the majority won't though.

    I have heard that consultants won't do 38 week c-sections as routine anymore, unless a medical reason....I'm presuming its the same for inductions.

    But it's up to you really. I suppose there's no harm in asking...

  • I dont think you are selfish but know there are so many risks in being induced, wether for medical or non-medical reasons. But there are more risks for non-medical reasons as even though you are classed as term at 37 weeks your baby may not want to come out, therefore it makes the unduction difficult as your body hasnt prepared itself for it and is basically being forced to go through it, risking intervention.

    I was induced with my eldest as my waters broke, but it was my hind waters and never went into labour, my cervix wasnt in right position and baby just didnt want to come it resulted in 27 hours worth of labour and a difficult ventouse delivery in theatre while they were prepping me for a section.

    I think its something that may need discussing closer to the time with midwive and she can check cervix etc and decide from there.

    Sorry I couldnt sound more positve having 2 other children and being preg with third I know all to well how you want to do best for each of them fairly.

    Hope this helps without scaring xxx

  • Hi thats ok, I was actually induced with Abby! I went 17 days overdue and was induced, they even had to break my waters for me so she really didnt want to come out I had a 47 hour labour and a difficult delivery with ventouse, which fell off her head and forceps, also in theatre while they were preparing me for a c section. i had a 3rd degree tear but still had to have an episiostomy and had lots of stitches, so I know an induced delivery is in no way an ideal one! I just really want to be able to be there for Abby starting school, its a big thing for her. But then I have to do the best thing for this baby too.
  • I dont think they will do it babe. There was a girl on here few months ago wantedthe same thing as her partner is serving in Iraq and they refused her i think she wanted inducing at 39weeks. I know it doesnt help but if you pay togo private they will. Also i think they can only do a stretch and sweep if your cervix will allow you to. I had a sweep 2 weeks before my due date but apparently i was 1cm dilated and the cervix was very thin. I was induced40 + 2 at advice from consultant and a different consultant was really annoyed that i had been booked infor it before 40 + 10 mine failed and i ended up having an emergency c section. i also felt bit cheated as i would have loved it to spontaneously happen.I do understand you want to be there for your daughter though, hopefully fate willdeal you a good hand and you can stilll be there for her good luck x
  • hi im gonna ask for a 38wk induction for medical and nonmedical reasons.ive had two v long labours both back to back babies both pretty large 8.13 and 10.11 and after both i got infections the 2cnd one left me bleeding for 16 weeks after birth n i couldnt even lift bubs up. and as for non medical my oh is a d.c with kent police and will be in court for two weeks starting the day b4 im due n he has no way out of it as its crown court and they dont class labour as an excuse! so i thought either i ask n possibly get the ok n then at least i know ive tried, or i keep quiet n go thru the next few weeks panicking about what i'll do for child care or what happens if i have long labour n get another infection which i was told with the last one could leave me infertile or worse (dont wanna think about it) id say talk it thru with your daughter but if u feel it might make her unduly anxious then best not too. at the end of the day whats the harm in asking u may decide that induction isnt for you anyway but i think u always feel better knowing that the doors open if u want it if ya understand that v mixed metaphor xxx
  • I asked my mw about this today cos I'm sooo fed up and she said they wouldn't do an induction unless for medical reasons/ being very overdue (she seems to think my baby will make an appearance soon anyway but not sure I believe her!) With my daughter I was booked for induction at 40+10. It's worth asking your mw though. Must be awful worrying if you won't be there for you little girl starting school.

    Lea (39 weeks)
  • I don't think they will do it coz you want to take your daughter to school.
    Sorry, that sounded harsh, it isn't meant to be, but induction takes up so much time and planning that unless there is a very good reason they won;t do it, and as much as it pains me to say it, your daughters first day of school isn't a priority to them as their only concern is the unborn not the already here.
  • Hey Carly, It won't hurt to ask will it ? So long as you are prepared for either a long and possibly difficult labor or for the mw and hospital to say no, and then possibly missing Abby starting school.
    I think it is perfectly natural for you to want to be there when she starts school. But I also think Elsbeth is right and Dr's may not think this is enough of a priority and without medical reasons you should just wait to start naturally.
    But the decision is yours to make and if you're happy to take the chance it won't hurt to ask. Suz x
  • To be fair, I agree it won't hurt to ask, but can you imagine it, do it for one, you have to do it for all.
  • If it were me I think I'd let the midwife know what was happening, but not look to be induced without medical reason. No harm in asking though, is there?

    Do you have any family who can take Abby to school if your're in hospital? If you act excited instead of worried, it will help her see it positively, and all the other kids will be talking about it with her. Make sure her teachers know what's happening too so they make sure she's happy and proud of what's happening, instead of worried or left out.

    Good luck!
  • My mum is going to have her while I'm having the baby and she's very happy to take her, its just I really wanted to be there for her. Abby starting school without her mummy just seems like such a big thing to me, she probably couldnt care less who takes her as long as she goes! I think its more me thats worried. I think I'm going to talk it through with my midwife, although I think its highly unlikely she'll agree but like you've all said, it wont do any harm to ask. It might be they want to do a c-section anyway because of Abby having a heart conditon and although this one has kind of been given the all clear (although they wont say for sure) the midwife warned me this might be the case.
  • Sometimes an early induction works well - I had Violet at 37 weeks due to OC, they did warn me that the induction may not work but thankfully I went straight into labour and had Violet within 2 hours! However I do put that down to bouncing on my ball as soon as they put the pessary in!

    I know that because of where I live they will consider an induction if bad weather is predicted (Yorkshire Moors) around your due date. I live a good 45 mins from the hospital and if it snowed I couldn't make it there, it would have to be air ambulance time if any complications - so I know they like to avoid that. I am desperate for a home birth but my midwife refuses!!!

  • I'm really hoping that they'll induce me a week early. I'm going to start doing all the things to bring on labour at 37 weeks so I might even be lucky and go into labour on my own! I know this is stupid, but I feel like if I'm busy having the baby or recovering from having it then Abby will feel like the baby has already taken priority over her and she'll feel pushed out. I know its a completley irrational thought because 4 year olds dont think like that, its just how I feel.
  • Hi, was just thinking- your mw might be more willing to do a stretch and sweep early rather than induction? It doesn't always work but might get things going. My mw said she will do one for me next week which is day before my due date.

    It's a big thing your little girl going to school for first time but if you're not there for a couple of days I'm sure she won't read too much into it. Might be just that you're feeling really emotional about her going- I know I would be!

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