hi i have spd (i know everyones sick of hearing how horrid it is ) but ive been in agony all day ive tried my pain killers hot bath yoga positions from physio and hot bath n im close to tears, somebody has to have a magic cure my mil says a large whisky but im not sure thats for me. hellllep:cry:


  • i didnt wanna read and run hun, i think ive got that too, but nowhere near as bad as u, sorry hun im not much help xxxx sending big hugs
  • thnks hun to be honest ive heard people who got it much worse think baby is just aggrivating it by stretching out lol
  • hi. i had spd and i too was in awful pain. there isnt really anything that can be done apart from what your doing. I was begging for an induction early cos i just couldnt cope. Luckly LO came early. Sorry thats not much help n hope u dont have to long to go xxx
  • 6 n abit weeks, did it make birth difficult???
  • I thing i too have SPD and i have an appointmetn with my midwife next thursday for examilnations (she refers to it as pelvic laxity - is this the same thing???)

    Im 22+4 and feel like ive taken a severe beating in y lady regions.

    Im dreading this now going away as i have 17 weeks to go and even the simplest of tasks such as turning ove in bed makes me feel like a 80 year old woman. image
  • Although I haven't been diagnosed wit SPD I've been self diagnosing based on symptoms. I have found that the pregnancy yoga class I've been attending makes so much difference. There are 2 girls in the class with SPD and one with Sciatica and they all say the yoga stretches have made it better.
    I was at my class last night and I'm hardly in any pain today. Whereas yesterday afternoon I was hobbling round like and old lady! Suz x
  • hi i think pelvic lxiety is the same thing, i got kicked out of baby yoga as one stretch hurt so much i passed out lol xxxxx
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