is it just me...

that finds talking to your belly is weird lol !! some people say it relaxs the baby for them to hear your voice but i feel lyk a complete ass tlkin to myself lol


  • i talk to baby now and again but have to say i feel like a plonker doing it lol,
    i tend to rub bump instead, and like suzanne3 says, baby will reconise your voice when born as he/she hears you talking to other people all the time.

  • yeh i ent worried or nethin i wud really like to sit and talk to it but i either end up embarassed thinking wht a dohnut i am or in stitches cuz of how weird it is just tlkin to my belly loool !!!
    i think i just am generally a plonker lmfao !!! muhahaha :P o well. and when i sing :O he kicks me, think he saying mom u mug shut up lmaoooooo !! haha
  • LOL, I don't think I've ever spoke to mine! I would just feel so silly. My boyfriend says 'Hello mate' to him sometimes, and we say goodnight to him when we go to sleep. Tbh we call him like 'little git' (like when he moves when oh tries to feel him kicking) which sounds so horrible but it's affectionate honest! People have said not to swear when ur pregnant but what a load of *******! lol.
    I rub my belly though, but I don't think he can feel that.
  • haha yeh apparently they can feel you touching your belly! i read somewhere that sometimes they will follow ur hand or kick where ur hand is when they bit bigger, whether thats balls or not i have no idea haha !! how far gone are u tiger lilly if u dont mind me asking??? !!
    yeh i feel lyk a dohnut tlkin so i sing but i dnt think he thinks im good haha !!! ahh well. his the next simon cowell tellin me to shut up and ive got no talent lmao x
  • lol blondy youalways make me chuckle! don't encourage baby to wear trousers to his armpits! lol don't often talk to lil bear as i feel a complete numpty i do think things and get a reaction from them so i worked that if i have a conversation with lil one in my head they can hear me (my logic is there)..........(somewhere)
  • im 31+1, and i never talk to my bump - i would feel silly. I do rub my belly a lot and sometimes baby moves and follows my (or oh's) hand and sometimes doesnt, i think it depends on where s/he is sitting. i call baby all sorts now cos the movements are quite big and sometimes they hurt (esp when something pointy and hard digs me in the bladder), but baby only hears my voice and doesnt know what im saying (i hopeimage )
  • thats what i think image baby can hear what we sa and itsthe tone of voice they listen to not the words themselves, otherwise they'd come out with a full and colourful vocabulary! Especially with some of the parents i've met!
  • ha !! simon cowell pants lmao!! he prob come out with a huge tattoo on his arm sayin pop idol LMAO ! ahh my son has a geeky mom lmao :P muhahaha. hope everyone is fine and well and lukin forward to a non alcoholic new yrs wahooo *sigh* lol least we get to see everyone else make a fool out of themselves when they r drunk !! haha.
    lets all toast to the new yrs now incase we dnt wen it comes
    * raises a glass of ribena image loool *
    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!
  • i'm having a quiet one at my mom's with my oh and dad. a weak wine spritzer to bring in the new year but then straight to bed lol hahaha i'm so sad and old can't really stay up past 9pm lol without beinga grumpy mare lol
  • lmao cheers to the early birdies who go to bed at 9 :P wahooooooooo !! LOL all this excitement, ive just gone light headed lol !!
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