I can't believe it!

After nearly 9 months of trying I got my BFP and on the day of my Granny's funeral.

I didn't really believe it until I just did a clear blue digital and it spelled it out to me!

I can't wait to get to know you all image


  • CONGRATULATIONS!! i'm so pleased for you! i'm carly and expecting my first on 21st of april a boy!! have a happy healthy 9 months!!xxxx
  • oh hunni congratualations and welcome!!!!

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!!

    Im sure your granny was looking down on you and had something to do with it image xx
  • HI - that is fantastic news. Especially on what must be a very difficult day!
    Welcome to the pregnancy forum - im sure you'll find it very helpful.

  • Hi,I might be wrong but I recognise your avatar from YAYW? Swirlygem? Anyway.big congrats to you,hope you have a lovely 8 months! Everyone here is lovely and always there to help K 20w with twins xxx
  • Well done, sorry to hear about your gran but its brilliant news about your BFP

    Georgie xx 19+3
  • Oh congrats on your BFP! soz about your gran that's harsh, and welcome to pregnancy hope you have a smooth 9mths

  • Congratulations hun! I got my bfp on the day of my Grandmothers funeral too. Im sure she was telling me to test that day. Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months xx

  • Aww congrats hun



  • Congratulations and welcome to the club!
  • congratulations!!!im sure ur granny had something to do with ur BFP! im Jay im due my 2nd baby on 16th may! x
  • Yes I am Mrs Swirly Gem on YAYW. So please to be able to officially join Baby Expert!

    Yay! I think I am due the end of November!
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