Pressies for OH?

I just wondered if anyone is getting their hubby a gift to give once the baby comes? I've got mine a small technic lego digger, not much but he loves Lego :lol: Something to amuse him whilst I'm in


  • Lol SB!!!! That's funny! I got my DH a mug with his favourite sports car on it from the dealers-put "from baby" too. But as I had an unplanned, emergancy c-section due to breech baby, and severe pre eclampsia, I gave it to him while we waited to go to theatre (to have the csection!) x
  • nope. I'm stingy :lol:

    like SB says they're getting a baby image
    My hubby will get first cuddle like he did with Ollie, and that will prob turn him to mush so he wont need anything else. image

  • Hi,

    MrsT my oh loves lego too, star wars lego to be more precise! he used to get that every christmas/birthday/valentines but now its all in the loft waiting to be passed down to our lo when he's about 7.

    now i'm a bit stumped what to get him- i cant use the baby as a present, he's not due till Feb- well least he'll cover valentines day for me!!!

    must get thinking!!!!

  • as baby is due 21st december thats our xmas pressie to each other, aswell as a video camera (not for the birth!) but for after when ive got make up on hehe but its hubbys bday a few weeks before babys due so hes getting a baby bjorn carrier from baby for his bday and a mug that says I love my dad on it image
  • dunno if it will help but this site has some nice little bits. i was thinking a little personalised keyring. regardless i wont be spending a lot as money is very tight. we are getting married in exactly a month today so not only will he have a son/daughter when this baby finally decides to arrive but also a new wife too.

    kate 40+2
  • Lol SB that made me chuckle. I agree, my dh is getting the baby - im the one who has been carrying it all these months and will have to go into labour with it so if anything im the one that deserves the prezzie :lol:

    After all his contribution compared to mine has been minimal, granted it was vital but still minimal and unlike pregnancy, his part was also very enjoyable for him :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Suzi 24+4 xxx
  • i hadent even thought of that....i think that daddy should by mummy the present!!!!
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