Overweight! Bump?

Hi girls, I am overweight, about a size 16/18 and I'm trying to eat healthily but know I am not going to lose that much weight by the time I have baby. Now I'm starting to worry that I won't have a bump and I'll just look even fatter image Is anyone else overweight but still showing a bump?



  • I am a size 18 and at 20 weeks i have a very noticable bump! Ido however worry all the time people just think im really fat now!! but my bump is all in front and theres no mistaking its a lovely baby bump! You'll get a lovely baby bump too dont worry, Take care x

  • Hi,

    I was a 14/16 pre preg and at 19 weeks I now have a definate baby bump and have had for a few weeks now. I love wearing clothes that show off my bump instead of feeling self conscious about being overweight!!!!

    You will get a bump and you will look and feel fantastic!


    Sazzle xx
  • hi
    i was 20/22 before i got pregnant and now i'm 17 weeks pregnant and have a defo bump. i love sticking it out and showing everyone that i am in fact pregnant not just fat anymore ha ha. don't worry u will show when the time comes.

    17weeks today
  • Ah thanks everyone, I really want a bump to show off image xx

  • Yeah I was a size 16 with my son and holy heck I put on a bump. Now I am an 18 and am hoping to not put on too much extra weight during pregnancy. I know how you feel though I am worried I will just look fatter too.
  • I just want everyone to know I'm pregnant rather than getting fatter lol. I carry most of my weight on my tummy and hips so was worried I wouldn't even show. This has put my mind at rest image xx
  • hi i was a 14/16 before i got pregnant and this was me a couple of weeks ago at 29+6 i think you can definatley tell there's a baby in there :lol:

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