Fitting Car Seat Question

Hi all

I'm not sure if we've balls-ed up on our car seat but I'm a bit worried!

We have a Honda Civic (the new version) with the Isofix. We've bought the Mamas and Papas 'version' of the Isofix baby car seat and the Isofix base.

It won't be delivered for another few weeks yet...

Should we have got it fitted before we bought it? Or can we take it somewhere (Halfords?) and get it fitted when it arrives? I am not TOO worried it'll be a problem as I've read on here lots of people have the Civic too and the Maxi Cosi car-seat and Isofix base which are basically what our M&P bits are! (I think!!!)

eeeek have we buggered up bigtime?!?!? LOL



  • If you've got isofix, and the instructions, it is almost impossible to fit it wrong!! It really is as easy as lining it up and then pushing. If you are worried then I am fairly sure your local fire station will check it if you phone first and fix a time.
  • Phew! Thanks Bedhead. Hubby did ask at Mothercare AND M&P when we had the car-seat demonstrations that they do and they both said no 'official' fitting is required, but I did want to double check as I trust you guys!!!

  • hi joo, as far as i'm aware you can take it to you local m&p and they will fit it for you, i'm sure we we're told this when we got our's
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