Feeling sick this morning,YAY!!

I'm feeling so sick this morning and i'm so pleased!! I didn't have any symptoms last time at all and that didn't go well, im feeling so much more positive about this pregnancy and look forward to having my head down the toilet!!! x


  • yay!!glad u having a symptom its hard not having any symptoms i didnt with my son but this time i have been sick all the way through and still am some mornings im 27&4 i kinda wish it would stop now lol ..........x x x x x x
  • I know exactly what you mean...I've been having nausia for a few days but only been sick once soo far, I also have really sore boobs and feel absolutely knackered but I am soooo delighted...lol my oh says I'm the only person he knows who is happy they feel sick!!!
  • Yay!!!
    Am pleased for you Nikki!

    Joo xxx
    15w today!
  • :lol: LOL what you girls like?! I was really pleased too initially but then it soon wore off!!!

    Congratulations on feeling sick image
  • Yay for you!!!!

    I'm jealous!!! I started to feel sick in the afternoon, but now, nothing!!!!!

    I'm not getting my hopes up for this time!!! :cry:

  • i'm so pleased you feel rough!! LOL

    congrats on ya BFP and i hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well for you but believe me after weeks with ya head down the toilet the novilty soon wears off!

    enjoy throwing up xx
  • OMG !
    Erm congratulations image
    its funny i was speaking to a freind last night and she said the first time she trew up she went downstairs after grinning and told her husband " yea iv just puked"
    How far along are you now?
  • I'm only 5 weeks,but with my 1st pregnancy i was being sick up until about 16 weeks so i know the novelty of throwing up will wear a bit thin soon!! I had a mc in Aug and had no symptoms so thats why i am so happy to be feeling sick!!! xx
  • Oh love well done, im a weirdo wen it comes to puke im soo dreading it, sorry if i seemed off about it.
    Im 5 weeks too. no symptoms yet tho !


  • No worries m&k,i didn't take it the wrong way!
    I know it's sounds strange to want to feel sick,but i'm feeling positive about things this time!! xx
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