MW appointment at 17 weeks was 16 weeks what to they do?

I live in Essex and was wondering at my next mw appointment what will happen, Will I be able to find out my blood group from previous blood taken, I have to take a wee sample so that will be tested again. Will she test the hearbeat I am dying to know how many beats a minute, did try counting on dopler but gave up hubby got 100 and then 90 think that must be wrong as they are usually over 120 arn't they. I want to know the beats to try and work out the possible sex of baby, what else will she do?


  • hi every time i go she tests my pee sample, takes blood pressure asks general questions on my health and listens to babys heartbeat. mine was 160 beats the first time and im having a boy. was 147 last time. thats all that has happened so far and unless there are probs think this is the usual routine :\)
  • My MW always checks my wee and BP. At my 18 week appt (we don't get a 16 week one) she gave me the results of my blood tests (blood group etc.) and listened to the babies' heartbeats. Her doppler isn't one that shows bpm though so we do that with our own one at home
  • Hi Rebecca - with our doppler we count the hb for 10 secs and then multiply by 6. Easier than trying to count for a full minute. It's always about 168.

  • Hi
    Everytime you see mw she will check wee and bp. she will go through any previous tests you've had done, listen to heartbeat (mine doesn't tell me bpm) and has a feel of your stomach. You'll be asked general questions on your health or if you have any concerns.
    mw check ups do quite quite repetative
  • Thank you just hop my midwife will be able to tell me beats per minute.
  • Hi hon,
    Hate to break it to you but the beats per minute won't give you a definitive answer on the sex! My son't hb was around 155-160 every time which would indicate a girl, loads of others on here have said the same too! It's still lovely to hear it though xx
  • Thanks Ladies Rhys+bump I know that would just like to know thats all and see what i could be having, I know nothing's certain and won't find out till I have my 21 week scan on the 20th April.


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