Breast Pumps - Electric or Manual, what do you suggest?

Hi Girls

I have been looking into breast pumps and have had really mixed reviews, some friends on BE have said without doubt choose an electric one, preferably Medula swing, however this is sooo expensive unless you can get it at bargain price or second hand on ebay. Not sure about second hand.

How do people rate the tommee tippee closer to nature ones, they seem more reasonably priced.

However, loads of other friends have said they just didn't get on with electric, as they just felt like a cow in a milking factory and the pump was very harsh on on the nipples and sucktion very strong and hurt, so would reccomend a manual one as you can gently control the amount of milk you siphon off, just to relieve full boobs if anything..

What do you think?? I'm on a budget and don't really want to get both, just wanted some useful opinions, so I can maybe get one.



  • i got mine at tk maxx, a tommee tippee manual one for ??7, was well impressed as i missed it in the asda baby event when it was ??10!
    i figure as it was cheap, if i dont get on with it, its no big loss.
    but go check out tk maxx, they had loads of breast feeding stuff on quite cheap.
  • ooh brilliant!! you sound like me, I love a bargain, I havn't got the money to go out and spend loads so am constantly looking for bargains. Thanks I'll check out TK maxx. X
  • I'd second a manual one, with my first two I used the AVENT manual pump and it was fab, but have got the tomme tippee one this time as the avent one can be fiddly putting it back together as I remember.

    Don't think I'd ever turn to an electric pump presonally. I like to be in control of the 'pump' action image
  • thats really reassuring.. i just felt like everyone was saying oh yes get the medula swing, then friends i see regularly said how harsh they were on your boobies. i just want someting that works and doesn't hurt! x
  • Definately manual for me too, when i was having my first i paid nearly ??100 for an electric avent one that also could be used manually - used the electric mode about twice just didn'y work for me flow and range wise - could have saved about 80 pounds if i'd just got a manual one - hey ho we have to learn!!
    Jo xx
  • Great.. anyone else?? X I'm sure when I posed the question a few months back hardly anyone suggested manual.. inreaguing!! I think I might see if i can pick up a cheap manual one and see how i get on, I can always get an electric one if it doesn't work out! I guesss for me, I'm not even sure how either me or baby will take to BF as well, as its first time for me! X
  • I've just bought a TT manual one (in ASDA event) as my friend said I might not even get on with BF at all so if I bought an electric one straight away it might be a waste of money. However if I do get on OK with it, I can always purchase an electric one that I know I'll use. x
  • Is the asda baby event still on this week?? X
  • also do you need any other equipment with the tommee tippee manual closer to nature pump? i'm thinking maybe storage pots, milk freezer bags, anything else?? xx
  • Hi lillypie, I'm off to asda in hykeham tonight, they still have em in for a tenner, bargain! I have looked at the stuff on net mums, got a massive bag of second hand maternity clothes, perfect size 10 and hardly any wear for a fiver! image we must meet up some time chicka! X Your on maternity same time as me. X
  • i know with the tommee tippee one, you get a bottle, 2 milk storage pots, a steriliser box and some breast pads in with the breast pump, which for the price i paid was a bleeding bargain!
  • Hi babe, yeah just sorted maternity, last day of work is bonfire night 5th Nov, baby due 23rd nov. No more holidays for me as I'm saving them so I get more maternity time, but we shall see, the midwife said the last month of pregnancy can be really tough! Hope work picks up for you hun, I'm just getting through each day, maybe we could meet at the 5 bells after work one night, if not I'm sure another meet in september can be arranged, I'm still to meet all you lincoln lovelies! X
  • OOh great cylie stitch, I might buy some of those sterilised milk freezer bags too, you can get em from Boots cheap!
  • I wouldn't go overboard with buying things just yet for storing milk hun, make sure you get on with bf first, you shouldn't really give a bottle in the first few weeks anyway to avoid nipple confusion, but I would recommend the freezer bags if you and baby do take to it well. IMO the tommee tippee storage pots aren't much good as they are really tiny, but I know from past experience that I produce rather a lot of milk so would need three to four pots for one go.
  • Thanks, to be honest I'm not gonna buy loads, just thought if it works for me then maybe some of the freezer bags would be useful, but thats about it! Can always pop out to get them, but as far as breast pumps go, I'm just pleased with the responses, as for some reason I thought that most of the ladies on here were dead set on electric pumps, I just want the cheapest option as a start to see how I get on and go from there, don't fancy the idea of being milked like a cow and having sore nipples, its all new to me! XX
  • Thanks for bringing up this thread clayrebear - I was confused too and its been a really helpful read. One point I'm not sure on though is, if I buy a TT closer to nature pump, will I also need to use the closer to nature bottles? I was leaning more towards getting the Boots own brand bottles which are a lot cheaper and not sure if they'll fit the pump very well?
  • Hi Mrs Dawson, we got some of the TT Closer to nature bottles too, 50% off at Morrisons, they might still have some in stock if you look, they were only about ??4 for 3 pack, bargain! Not sure if the boots own brand would fit, I think if you ask in Boots store they should be able to help you! X
  • If it was me (looking back) I wouldn't buy anything for BFing before the birth. I've been Bfing for nearly 7 weeks now and have used my pump once (the TT manual one). You're advised not to introduce the bottle for the first 6 weeks so if you get on with BFing then there's plenty of time to go and get what you need. x
  • great advice girls, I bought the manual TT closer to nature one for a tenner from Asda last night, I think thats adequate, and not much of a loss if me or baba don't take to breastfeeding. X
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