Huge unexpected surprise at work - scary! (long)

As you might know Im nearly 6 weeks pregnant. Well Im really happy doing the job Ive got now, it's zero stress okish money and I can be flexible with my hours, but Im overqualified for it (in a differant subject area) even though I have been tempted just to plod along very happily in a stress free job (which Im now used to). But my Boss, it turns out has always had her eye on me to move into the next role up the ladder and she has started re-jigging the jobs around to free up a position in this new role in the meantime asking all my colleagues who already do this job whether or not I could do the job!! Word has got back to me and apparently everyone agrees I could do the job even though Im not from a Nursing background - Im from a scientific background, but the job involves dealing with cancer patients and organising their care as well as finance and working with pharmacy - in other words a huge change, more responsibility and stress! Anyway I didnt think any of this was going to happen for months and with it being the NHS and things having to go through HR and costings and all that so I wasnt worrying about it.
But my friend who works in one of these jobs I was talking about in one of the Hospitals I work in told me that she has just handed her notice in!! Which was the last thing I expected as she loved the job and she always joked that I wouldnt get her job (which out of all of them I wanted the most as its round the corner from where I live), so I was massivley shocked and upset that she's leaving :cry:
So the up shot of this is - guess who is expected to fill her job? Me - in 4 WEEKS time - arrrghh! The rumour is that I will probably get seconded to do her job first to see how I get on!
Dont get me wrong I would LOVE this opportunity - i think - but Ive just found out Im having a baby and Im still getting my head around that one. I mean we've been ttc for 2 years, why did this have to happen NOW?! Its just typical. I reeeally want the job but Im so scared of having to learn a whole new nursing based role while Im pregnant, but Id be stupid to not go for it because out of all the Hospitals I could work in, this one's perfect in terms of child care, its walking distance away and it's probably the only chance Id get to progress in this career so close to home. I guess the other option is to chicked out if the whole thing and stick with the job I have now, which is a lot less money and hope that when I come back part time Ill get only one Hospital to work in not all of them like I do now!

Sigh - Im just going to have to go for it arent I and stop worrying?! :lol: image :roll:


  • Bloomin sods law!!! :lol: best of luck what ever you decide to do! keep us informed

  • Thanks - I know, its bloody typical isnt it?! The thing is, theres literally no-one else to do the job once she's gone. We're a small network and the other person who does my job and was the other candidate has just handed his notice in too!! So I have to step up to helm at least for a while even if I decide I dont want to do it permanently. I wouldnt be dragging my feet so much if I wasnt pregnant! But whatever happens, baby comes first, always!
  • does your boss know your preg?maybe you could speak to her to voice your concerns at this early stage?nothing ventured nothing gained as long as bub is ok x
  • No Im going to go and speak to her tomorrow, I know I can be honest with her, but it's still hard admitting you have concerns to your Boss, but hopefully she'll be supportive. I guess Id just got my head round being pregnant and I was looking forward to just concentrating on Bumper and you know just focusing on enjoying pregnancy, me hubby friends and family, but this kind of makes things even harder, you know I neve expected such a huge change to happen at the same time as getting pregnant!
    Im blatantly going to go for it, I cant talk myself out of it but Im soooo going to have to get advice and support of as many people as I can to make sure Bumper goes smoothly too.
  • Hi,

    I think you would regret it far more if you didn't go for it hun, sounds like a fantastic opportunity, and you are obviously well thought of there which should mean there will be plenyt of support. If they start you off on a secondment it at least means you can change your mind too and go back to your old job if you realise it really isn't what you want.

    Fingers crossed you have a lovely easy pregnancy and find the new job a breeze too, at least if the job doesn't start for another 4 weeks then you will be closer to 12 weeks so hopefully not suffering too much from morning sickness.

    Good luck! xx
  • Good point Liz, thanks for that! I feel better about it now, I could do with a challenge, I dont want to get too complacent I guess
    Thanks for the advice girls
  • I think perhaps you are worrying too much about your pregnancy impeding your ability to do the job. You are obviously very capable of doing it if they have been clearing the way for you and you never know, having more responsibility doesn't neccessarily equal stress!
    Look at it this way, 2 incredible changes in your life have just coincided, they don't have to have an impact on each other. Its a good month for you!!

    Lots of luck!!
  • i know how you feel about timing and sods law. Decided to go to university last year after years of working in factories (which is about all we have round here) we had also been trying for a baby for nearly 3 years and thought it wasn't going to happen, how wrong were we. went to course co-ordinator and told her the baby was due about a fortnight after we go back in september and asked what were the rules for returning/maternity leave and was told that there aren't any. if i need time off i may have to defer for a year ,if i don't defer i will have to continue my studies almost immediately after the child is born there are absolutely no provisions in place for anything. How annoying is that when the nursery will take babies at 6 weeks and i would only need those weeks off to be told that is too long and i would be asked to defer for a whole year.
  • After all my excitement, I turned up at work the other day only for my workmate to tell me she'd had a long chat with the Boss and decided to stay! Im over the moon she's not leaving and I am a little relieved that I wont have to go for a new job while pregnant. At least all this helped me realise I do want some extra responsibility though, so Im going to have a word with the Boss and ask her if I can be totally responsible for the genetics and epidemiolgy research rather than just data collection to take some of the workoad off my workmate and so I get some patient contact, so we'll see!
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