how many

hi im on number 3 what number are you all on?


  • I'm on number 3 too! How old are your other 2? Boys or girls? I have 2 boys, aged 6 and 3. OH really wants a girl this time! Must be honest, i'm not bothered either way just as long as its healthy, but either way we'll find out on 9th of Jan at the scan! When is your baby due?
  • I'm on No3 too - i have a girl aged 3 and a boy just 7 months, came as a bit of a shock wasnt planning ay more but heyho, will be nice anyway - much have been meant to be i say !!
  • This is our first image x
  • No 1 for us ! xxxxx
  • This is my first image


  • no 1 for us too!! image


  • i just had number 3 two weeks ago x
  • Awww, so many ladies on baby number 1! Believe me, being on number 3 doesnt make me a supermum, i think it might make me mildly insane!
    That said, I always wanted 3 children, i'm one of 4 and love having a large family, and think baby number three is going to complete our little family nicely!
  • I am also on my first, and at only 5w + 2 it still doesn't feel at all real yet!
  • mmm chockymonster, can i nick one of those delicious looking chocs off your avatar please??
    Have you had many symptoms? Cograts on your pregnancy, i'm sure it will start to feel real very soon!
  • iam on baby no 2 and 3 :lol: ive got a 19 month old little boy and iam having a boy and a girl :lol:


  • This one is number 2 for us image and we want more after this one i'd quite like 4 or 5.
    Lin 23+1
  • my other 2 are 2 and 5 both girls im only 5w1day preg but very excited
  • i'm on no 4, my other kiddylumps are 6,4 and 2, this lo due in april!!! would have more but hubs would kill!!!!
  • I'm on number two, hubby wants three but I am feeling so awful with morning sickness I have told him he may have to just settle for two lol! x
  • Im 22 weeks pregnant with my first! We always said we'd like 3 children.....but that was before I'd been pregnant!! ha
    Think I might have another one but with a 3-4 year age gap to give me time to forget this pregnancy! I'm not a very good pregnant woman! image
  • This is number one for us image and we're very pleased. Don't know whether we're having a boy or girl, decided not to find out. Am now 26 weeks.
  • I'm on no5 and this will b our 2 girls 8 & 7 and 2 boys 4 & 20months - no5 also a boy, due tomoro......maybe lol
  • Hi, I'm 32 weeks with our second son, our first is 20 months old xx
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