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hi all here goes. well i had faint bfps 4 days before my af was due then af was 2 days late so went to epu where hcg was just 7 then i started to bleed lasted 7 days too long for me. then all hpt were showing neg and all sympoms gone so i did not bother going to get 2nd hcg test done as i just thought was vv early mc. that was 11 days ago but yesterday i noticed which wernt there before huge dark veins across my boobs and chest they were not ther when i had the bfps and im also very bloated had some twinges in belly and backache. could i be preg but hpt not showing it can anyone help me ...


  • hi, i'm sry to hear what u've been going thru and tbh i really don't know the answer to ur question but didn't wanna r&r, u cld either be still pregnant, pregnant again or unfortunately not pregnant and these symptoms ur getting are result of the mc, but i really do think the only way u will know for sure is to speak to ur GP asap in order to get some answers.

    i really hope that u receive good news


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