Booked our 4D Scan - for those who have had them - a ?


We have booked our 4D scan for next Tuesday (the 17th) when i will be 27 weeks. I am really excited about it and cant wait to see him again on the screen. I think this is the first scan we`ve booked (we`ve had 2 private and 2 NHS) where i havent felt terrible nerves at the thought of seeing something wrong on the screen. I feel fairly relaxed about it all which is unusual for me!

However, a friend who is friends with a nurse has said that her nurse friend told her that she has heard many stories where ladies think they see a cleft lip or some form of facial disfigurement on the 4D scans and spend the rest of the pregnancy worrying. Has anyone had any experience of something like this?

If i saw or thought i saw any kind of unusual problems on the screen i would ask about it there and then but just wondered what everyone elses experiences are?

Thanks ladies
Katy 26 weeks today


  • Hi, I had mine at 28 weeks and the sonographer said that with a 4d scan you can tell if there is a cleft lip, and that he was able to tell that there wasn't one. Just ask before you go in. The only thing I saw that was a bit scary was his nose (it looked huge) but it was just the distortion through the fluid luckily. Actually I also saw the umbilical cord around his neck too, that has worried me to no end, but everyone has said that it has to go somewhere, and usually it does end up around them somewhere.

    Basically, just ask straight away if you have any worries. Who cares what they think of your questions. You will love your scan, the pics they get of the face are gorgeous and I can't wait to compare them to the real thing. Good luck on tues, just enjoy it and ask whatever you want.

    Kris 34+3
  • Thanks Kris, you`ve really helped. I didnt know that about them being able to see a cleft lip and eliminating it for certain. God, i hadnt even thought about the cord!! I think i would have been of the same opionion of you but then like people say, it has to be somewhere.

    I will just ask if im unsure on anything, thanks again for clearing it up
    Katy x
  • i recommend a hot chocolate or coffee before you go in, my baby was sleeping in a tricky position and the scan took 3 hours instead of 1 trying to get a look at bubs, good luck, I hope its all good!
  • My 4d scan was amazing, v reassuring. xx
  • Thanks girls for all your advice, like you say moony, hopefully as the 20 week one was okay, this one will be and we can just enjoy the moment.

    Thanks again
    Katy xx
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