This is just a general moan - please dont feel like you have to reply - just ranting about the bad mannered commuters of London and the South East not assisting pregnant women! Not being offered seats on buses/trains etc. One heavily pregnant woman nearly fainted last night - and no one stood up to offer her a seat!

This morning i nearly got tripped up by a stupid woman with a pully case thing - only managed not to fall over when hubby grabbed me.....

Sorry rant over!



  • BE ate my reply!!!!

    Im gatecrashing from TTC! Im from Scotland but lived in London for 2 years. I was absolutley gobsmacked when I was on the tube one day (standing) and a pregnant lady got on and noone stood up for her!!! I was only 18 and stood their growling at everyone standing,i was soo angry. I have been brought up to respect elderly and pregnant woman and i would always give up my seat for them. People need to learn to get some manners!!!

    Jstar x
  • How rude!! I hate people like this I would always give up my seat to a pregnant woman. I will be travelling on the bus ina few weeks time so will be a lot bigger then, for the first time since falling pregnant (i walk to work and back and OH drives me everywhere else most of the time!) and it will be on a saturday so will be busy - will be interesting to see if anyone gives their seat up for me. There will be a rant on BE if not!!


  • hi can i join the general moan, i had to go and see my midwife yesterday and because dh was working had to get the bus. It's a two bus journey to my gp, i'm obviously pregnant and also on crutches because my spd is bad and no one offered me a seat so i had to balance on my crutches all the way to the gp's
    . Back in november i slipped getting on the train and my leg went between the train and the platform, and not one single person stopped to help, thank god dh was there, as everyone was just stepping over me and they then complained when the train was delayed because i was waiting for an ambulance, luckily i'd just cut my leg badly and badly bruised my knee but at the time i thought i'd broken it. I've always been brought up to have manners and would always give my seat up to someone who needed it more
  • Hiya!

    I'm adding a glimmer of hope! I work on man dominated sites and sometimes have to carry heavy samples and all the engineers have been lovely. They've carried samples out to my van, held doors open and always ask how I'm doing.

    I know there are lots of not very nice people out there but when I'm feeling grumpy from someone letting a door go in my face I just think of my lovely chaps and think how much worse it could be!

    Also, I'm a little bit shameless and would totally ask for the seat if no-one offered - I did in M&S the other day while mum was trying things on and to be fair one of them did get up.

    Clare x
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