3 days to go!

I hope all mums and bumps are doing well!!
Not been on here for a few days so I'm just trying to catch up on all your threads. I've looked at my ticker and I've got until Thursday night to get everything sorted! I'm going in Friday morning for the induction.

This girl is constantly squirming around i think she wants out now! I still have worries like will she look normal etc etc even though we had a 4D scan done lol!

I'm going to a baby and toddler sale today to get rid of a few items from our 1st baby and maternity wear and pushchairs ('lm a pushchair addict!!) So that should keep me busy for today and I should make a few pennies too lol! Evie starts a new nursery tomorrow, then I've got the midwife coming over Tuesday to check me over for the induction, then I'll have a couple of days just to get properly sorted.

It seems like yesterday when I first registered with this site and I was about 6 weeks pregnant! What a scary thought!! Enjoy your pregnancies while you can because you will miss it when you've got this bundle to look after! :roll:

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone on here, you've all been a massive support and reading your threads has made me feel normal about my pregancy and I hope I've helped out with your problems a bit too! :\)

UPDATE:- Saw the midwife this morning! She said 'wow the baby's head is fully engagaed and ready to come anytime now.' Which explains why it feels like I need to poo all the time!! The cramps are there quite often now aswell so I might not need the induction after all. The head is in the right position the rest of the body still needs to turn a bit, but she said that will happen naturally in labour. So we might have our girl before Friday!


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  • OOoo love I know it's exciting having our little bundles ariving, but all a bit said this bit is ending loved the sharing of laughter and tears and tmi parts! lol Good luck Doll... sure you'll be fine tho!! xx
  • ooh im 11+1 and i hope it goes quick for me too!!! good luck with everything!!!! i joined when i was 24 week with my son who is now 13 months old! time does fly xxx
  • I know exactly how you feel, i just done a thread saying it seems o surreal to say i'm due next month, never mind next friday!!!
    I keep saying i'm going to sort my hospital bag but never get round to it lol, think i'll have to get my finger out.
    I'm really excited for you, think this time next week you will be a mummy of 2! God that sounds so scary doesnt it! (well it does for me)
  • Thanks girls.

    I'm just doing odd jobs around the house now to keep busy. We actually made just under ??100 at that baby sale we went to. I sold 2 buggies, baby clothes and maternity clothes. My oh was quite chuffed! We've put the money into a 'whatever' pot so if anything crops up maybe to do with the baby we'll have the spare cash to get what we need!

    Evie had fun at the nursery, she only cried a little bit when we left her then she had a great time playing with the other kids and toys.

    I still haven't packed my bag!! I've been getting really strong braxton hicks especially at night! MW says that's good as it all helps towards getting the baby and uterus moving to get her out.

    She's coming over tomorrow so I'll keep you updated with progress.
    Wishing you lovely mummies well! Karys xxxxxx

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  • Wow, nearly there Karys i bet ur well exicted i know that i wud be, even though we are totally not ready for a baby just yet, house is upside down and all baby stuff is packed away sum where and labour bag is nowhere near ready, lol. Gud luck on friday cnt wait to hear ur birth story. Kerry xxxx

  • awww nearly there hun! So excited (and yes a teeny bit jealous lol) for you.
  • Karys (lovely name by the way) you must be so excited! So soon to meet your little girl! Well done at the sale - I could do with one of those round here - problem is I'd probably buy more than I sold!!

    My lo's out tomorrow (section) so I know the panic mode setting in...... I've just finished packing my bag (I think), will have forgotten something no doubt, but as long as I've got the essentials....

    I won't be out by the time you're going in so good luck hon and I'll look out for your birth story!

    Oooh too exciting - all these babies are coming out!

    This time tomorrow...
  • Good luck Karen, I hope all goes well. Don't forget to post your birth story on here. I just finished packing my bag. The only things I left out are the things I'm still using like make-up bag, hair brush + comb, dressing down and some black stretchy joggers that I'm waiting to dry as I just washed them. My mum thinks the baby will come tonight!!! I wouldn't mind if she did actually as I've done most things I wanted to do!

    See you on here again soon! x


  • Good luck hun. I cant believe ur having ur bubba. Ur SPD will feel so much better afterwards! Cant wait to see ur birth story

    Good Luck xxxx
  • Ahh thanks sweetie. I can't wait! Time seems to be passing so slowly even though it's on Friday. It just seems so surreal. I think they have the internet the hospital so I can come online and tell you how it went!

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