itchy skin especially feet!


this might sound strange but lately i have had itchy skin all over my body but mostly on the soles of my feet. this morning i was wriggling in bed so much to scratch them that i ended up getting up and it was only 6am!! i can't scratch my feet properly as it then starts to tickle!!

anyone else suffered from this?

kelly x


  • i did when i was carryign Jack, probably the hormones!!
  • It could be a serious condition involving your liver, you need to go to your gp and get a blood test to rule this out as it is dangerous and can cause still-birth around 37 weeks. I dont wont to worry you but youd be better to get it checked out even if it is vry rare. xxx
  • Hiya
    I have been the same since about 35 weeks (currently 40+3!) and it drove me crazy. I have good days and bad days with it, today being a bad day.
    At my 38 week MW appt I mentioned it and had bloods taken for it and everything came back clear so I guess it's nothing to worry about but as Gazno says, it's certainly worth getting it checked. I seem to remember that itching can also be associated with pre-eclampsia - not to worry you of course! But please mention it to MW to reassure you!
    One last thing, a couple of the girls in my antenatal classes has a reaction to Raspberry Leaf which caused them lots of itching so if you have started taking it yet, it might be that!
    Hope this is of some help!

  • Go and get this checked. I had itchy legs a few weeks ago (am 37+5 now) and the midwife said that they were fine, but if it spread to the palms of my hands or the soles of my feet then it could be a liver problem which needs to be sorted urgently as its dangerous for mum and baby. Don't want to worry you, but the sooner you get this looked at the better and the more it will put you at ease when you know its all ok.
    Please get it checked.
  • i've just atrted with itching on my feet, tummy, boobs and basically every where it drives me crazy when my back and feet start to itch as i can't reach to scratch. i've heard that rubbing some stretchmark cream - cocoa butter or oil in to the itch it soothes it i'm trying it at the mo.

  • it can be sign of OC ....obstestric choleostis (scuse spelling). this is serious but rare. Get checked out without delay. Friend of mine had it and the doc delivered by c section same day. Like I say it is rare so you prob dont have it but get checked out asap..
  • hi ladies

    thank you all so much for your replies. we have been to the delivery suite assessment unit today and i have had my blood taken to be tested.

    last night the itching on my feet was driving me mad and i couldn't sleep, this morning i was looking for some lotion in my bedside drawer to cool it down and i found a little book i'd got free with a baby magazine, looked in there and it mentioned OC, got really worried as it specifically mentioned soles of feet and palms of hands which is where i've been getting it.

    rang my mum and took our 2 year old to her and went straight to assessment unit, they put me on a trace and all was fine so just got to wait for blood results tomorrow or monday.

    fingers crossed, will let you all know.

    thanks again.

    kelly x
  • Good Luck and even if you do have OC baby will be fine as they will take you in tom and deliver I guess??? Or at very least monitor you closely!
    take care
    d xx
  • hello again

    been waiting all day for hospital to call and they finally have, the sister on the assessment unit has said my results were "a bit out", whatever that means.

    i'm assuming it's indicating OC as she wants me back in tomorrow, she hasn't really explained why, hubby thinks she may want to explain it a bit more in person and maybe talk about inducing me or my options from here.

    i'm really glad i saw my little book yesterday and got it checked, even if it turns out to be nothing, now i know how serious it is if i've got it. i would hate to get this far and then something happen because i'd ignored my instinct telling me it wasn't normal to be so itchy.

    if i do need to have baby delivered asap i'm sure everything will be fine as i'm 36+1 tomorrow and they've already said he's going to be big like my first so should come out a little fighter.

    will keep you updated again tomorrow as soon as i know anything.

    kelly x
    36 weeks
  • best of luck. My 2nd was born just before 37 weeks and was 5lb110z and was absolutely fine. No help after birth and no special care etc...
    I had never hear of OC since a friend got it just before birth of my 4th. Her daughter was delivered that same day by c section and was fine too.......she was about 38 weeks.
    Take care
    d xx
  • hi dee dee

    thanks for your well wishes. i have been to the hospital today and they've explained that they do think i've got OC but i've also got to have repeat blood tests and other tests to rule other things out.

    i have to be tested for the other forms of hepatitis that they don't test you for in pregnancy, i have to be checked to see if i have gaul (sp?) stones and i also have to have a liver scan to make sure my liver was working well in the first place before pregnancy, most of this will be done on thursday this week and i have to go back to the hospital every week until i have the baby which is likely to be in 2 weeks when i'm 38 weeks.

    i have been prescribed piriton and aqueous cream to help the itching and i have to take vitamin k tablets until i have the baby as i am at an increased risk of very heavy bleeding in labour as my liver not functioning properly will stop my blood clotting properly.

    it was all a bit too much to take in at once, i was overwhelmed at everything that's got to happen in the next couple of weeks.

    will post again as soon as i know anything else, looking forward to hopefully getting a good night's sleep tonight with the help of the piriton and cream!!

    kelly x
  • awwwwwwwwwww hope you feel better soon!! Sounds liek you have had a lot to take in! Take care and look after yourself,
    Amy xxx
  • glad you getting care you need. Hope you have an itch free night!!!!!!
    Me on other hand will be up all night as my 3 year old got awful cough and though he is asleep he is coughing constantly. bless him. will take to docs tom morning. Have had to put him in with me as he will wake his almost 2 year old brother. On top of that baby 5 awake and kicking inside me so i gave up and came on computer for while to knock me to sleep....the joys of motherhood!!!!!!!!!!
    d x
  • hi kelly

    i saw your post this morning and ive been having itchy feet for last 3wks i just thought "oh itchy feet its nothing " anyway after reading your post i contacted mw and told her about feet i have to go wed morning to get blood tests taken also ive never heard of it before so in a way thanks for bringing it to forum as i would just have carried on

    wishing you good luck

    tracey x
  • morning

    well, i had quite a good night last night, was able to sleep better than i have in ages. had a bath before bed, put my cream on, had a piriton tablet and an ovaltine drink, before i knew it it was 5.30 when i next looked at the clock!! as soon as i woke up though i remembered the itching and couldn't stop scratching!!

    tracey, i just thought it was an itch too until i was sitting on the couch end of last week scratching until my feet were sore, that's when i ended up posting on here, so glad i did now, for me and for you.

    hope it all goes well for you, feel free to use my thread to update us on your results too. i will update again when i know something after thursday.

    kelly x
  • hi tracey

    just wondered if you'd been to have your blood test yet and how it had gone? i know you won't have results today anyway but try not to worry, if you have got it they act quickly.

    i kept myself awake all last night thinking about my apointment on thursday and i'm shattered this morning with a very active 2 year old!!

    good luck

    kelly x
  • ahh..he's cute though. My nearly 2 yr old is as active as anything but he is asleep at moment for 2 hours...yes!!!!! my 3 year old is starting to calm down nicely. He usually watches a dvd while i try to nap on sofa. Today though getting some furniture delivered and they are hammering away like mad..grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
    Hope tom goes OK for you. Sure it will
    d x
  • hi kelly

    thanks for remembering me hun got blood taken this morning at 11.30 mw phonong me tomorrow some time with results so have to wait and see.keep you posted

    thanks again hun tracey x
  • hi dee dee

    casper hasn't started with the "terrible twos" which i'm sure is only a matter of time but he's so active, getting faster than me now i'm carrying around a massive bump. he's really well behaved compared to some of the other lo's we know so i'm hoping he'll keep it up when this one arrives. he's asleep too at he moment, had to tell him 2 of our elderly neighbours across the road were asleep and he should sit and have a rest on the sofa with me!! did the trick!! he can take or leave a nap these days but he was like a zombie and wouldn't give in to going down for a nap so i had to take action!!

    might have a little nap myself in a bit, see if i can't catch up on what i missed last night.

    glad you like the picture of him, it's actually quite a bit out of date, from last august, just before he was 1, but one of my favourite pictures, he hasn't changed much other than looking more like a little boy now rather than a baby.

    kelly x
  • HI
    Hope results went ok for you.
    should up load pics of my little ones too. never seem to get chance to download all pics from video and digi cam...have mountain loads of footage.
    Will make it weekend project.
    d x
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