How long were your labours after induction????

Well im seeing my midwife on thursday to ask about being induced at 37 week (10 weeks today) due to SPD.

Saw physio on friday and she refused point blank to give me a support belt due to the unexplained bleeding and suggested i try reflexology or acupuncture through my doctor (not too keen to try the needles though)

So........... hopefully il be able to have her a little early, i really want to try avoid a section if possible.

Ive heard that they are more painful but how long were your labours with induction???


  • i was inducedd at 10:45 on the thurs and had him on 10:07p fri night! luckly i only had 1 tablet and my waters broke at 2.30 in the morning i was 38 weeks and they norm say it will take between 2-4 goes 1st labour so i was really lucky its so boring waiting for something to get going !!! i was induced due to pre eclampsia but ended up having ventous as he got stuck !!
  • I'm interested in the time it will take also. I had quite a short labour with my 1st...only 11.5 hours from first contraction to when she popped out. Which is good for a first pregnancy. I also went into labout naturally.

    This time i'm due to be induced 6th June due to SPD. So I don't know whether it will take ages or not.

  • hi. my 2nd, 3rd and 5th babies were induced due to pre eclampsia. with the 2nd i had the pessary and had my waters broke, from having the pessary to finish it was 18 hrs. with my 3rd i had my waters broke and the drip and i gave birth in a record 20 minutes.with my 5th i had the pessary 4.30pm and gave birth after having my waters broke the following day at 15.15pm.
    it can vary from woman to woman and it all depends on how favourable your cervix is on examination and how they induce you. good luck.xxxx
  • I didn't have pessaries or tablets as was dilating already but had my waters broken at 9.30am and was put on syntocinon drip.Had her at 16.46pm. But my labour was timed as just less than 3 hours, from when the contractions became strong and regular-only had an hour of bad contractions then nearly 2 hours of pushing! Good luck!

  • i was induced ( 1st baby) had sweep first then had pain straight away though didnt no then that they were mild contractions when i got home i had my show and went back to hosp 2 days later at 9am where they said i was 2cm dilated, i ended up down delivery room at 11imagem and was in delivery room for another 18 hrs in total so mine was quite a long time.
    ive also got very bad spd and on crutches ect and 39wks but trying to avoid being induced as i want to no what its like to go into labour natualy .
    my experience of being induced wasnt that bad at all, just that it was soo long and i ended up having a epidural.
  • Hi I was induced with 2 pessarys and then a drip and my labour was 47 hours, my contractions were 2 minutes apart for the whole 47 hours but I had an epidural after 21 hours.
  • Hey

    I was induced at 41+3, I had the gel 3 times but it didnt work! I had my waters broken for me and then put on the drip, I was left in labour for 20 hours before they decided to give me an emergency csection. Wasn't a nice experience!!! But I suppose it was best to get her out quickly!!! Good luck
    Lucy and Bella xx
  • hi i think it depend son how they induce you. i was induced first time with gel, only took one try and i was in labour a few hours later (which apparently is rare as it can take a few tries with the gel). my labour was 11 hours. i am being induced on monday (unless i go myself before then) when i will be 10 days over, they are just bursting waters as i am already 2cm dilated, hopefully it wont take 11 hours this time x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • hello
    i have spd too!
    this is my 2nd preganancy (its twins - not great for the old SPD!!!!)
    last time i was induced. had gel - just one. it took 27 hours from gel to actually giving birth.
    good luck with your induction honey.

    re the spd - have you been to an oesteopth?
    last time i didn't - but i have this time - and for me it has really helped.
    i have had one of those belts this time round too.
    but all it does is scratch me - hurt my bump - and make me sweat. it is no help what so ever - so don't worry you are not missing out!
    my midwife says she has never met anyone who was helped by the belt....

    have you contacted the pelvic partnership?
    they have great advice and a list of oesteopaths etc to send out.
  • hello i was induced with my first baby i had one pessary and started to have tightenings almost straight away but no actual contraction i was taken to the labour ward and had my waters broken and within 2 and 1/2 hours i had my baby.

  • hi i was induced with summer i was given the tablet thingy which didnt work then was given another tablet didnt work the next day i was taken to labour ward at 10am was put on the drip maybe an hour later i had summer at 8.47pm but according to my notes i was in labour for 8hrs, i was induced due to my waters breaking by themselves and not going into labour by myself.
    i dont know if induction hurts more as summer was my first and was only about 2 1/2 weeks ago, but i have been told induction hurts more and the fact i had no waters left aparently hurts more as well!!!!
    good luck!!!
  • I was induced with Jack at 09.10am on the 9th Jan, he arrived at 05.01 on the 10th Jan.

    Ashleigh I had started on my own at 9.30pm on the 26th September, went into be induced, they gave me the prostin anyway and she arrived at 02.20am on the 28th!!!
  • Bunty - My physio refused to give me the support belt as i was in hospital with unexplained bleeding 2 weeks ago - this has been one helluva bumpy ride so far and i cant wait for it to be over lol!

    Physio advised reflexology and accupuncture and asking about induction on thurs at my 28 week checkup so thats what im gonna do.

    For those sho have been induced with SPD - did you have to beg for induction????

    I really want to try avoid a section where possible xx
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