early scans?

Hi all,

Just wondered when they stop doing internal scans to do normal scans? I'm thinking of booking a private dating scan and don't really like the idea of an internal scan. I'm 80% certain that i'm 5+2 days but might not be 5 weeks until wednesday. (my AF were anything from 28 days to 33 days) I would like the scan for when i'm around 8 - 9.


  • i had internal scan at 5 weeks and then my next scan at 8 weeks was a normal external on the belly scan, but make sure your bladder is full for the external scans in the early days. goodluck and congrats.
  • Hi babe i had a scan at 9 weeks (normal) but have had two transvaginal (internal) scans due to cysts on ovaries. Its actually not that unpleasant. When i had mine she said she might have to do an internal one as i had a tilted womb and the picture wasnt very clear. So i am guessing at about 8 or 9 weeks . I had mine done at M U M S best thing to do is ring them up and check. Drink as much as you can if youare having an early scanas this makes the pictures much clearer (not if you are having internal, that would be cruel) but honestly the transvaginal was ok. good luck x
  • hello westbrom.
    Its me again. Not sure if you remeber but I was told I have cysts, do you think I will have to have the transvaginal scans agin 2 or just the normal dating scan?
  • I had a scan at 9 weeks and it was an internal scan. It really wasn't that bad, and it gives a clearer picture when you're very early on. I think our hospital changes to a tummy scan after 12 weeks xxxxx
  • ...oh by the way, I had to empty my bladder before the internal scan, but my bladder had to be full for the tummy scan (I had a nuchal (tummy) scan last week at 12+1) xxxxx
  • I had to have internal scans at about 5-6 weeks due to abdonimal pains. They found a cyst on my ovary (although they had to check through surgery that it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy). Turned out to be a normal pregnancy cyst and I've had no more probs thankfully.

    I had to go for another scan the following week to check the baby was still okay after the surgery and they still weren't sure if it was a viable pregnancy because they couldn't detect a clear heartbeat so early on (and I also have a tilted uterus which made it tricky to see). That scan was done externally on my belly and was so clear! It looked like a complete blob but we could see the heart beating away. So amazing... (and tashaboast - I had a normal scan at 12 weeks, no need for anymore internals).

    I'd wait until at least 7-8 weeks (so you're about right thinking of 8-9 weeks) and like the others said have a full bladder. They made me drink lots of water before the scan because I'd had to pee about 2 hours earlier!

    Why are you thinking about having a private scan done so early? Are you worried or have you had any strange symptoms?
  • i want to have a scan done now as 2 months ago I had a transvaginal scan as my periods were all over the place and was told that I had cysts on my ovaries and am now scared that these will cause probs, I have been told that they were only very small.

    I just want to see if everything is ok
  • Hi tashaboast,

    I'm sure I've read your thread on cysts but not sure if I replied. They think my cyst developed as a result of the pregnancy so it's there to help, not to cause trouble. Loads of people have them but never realise unless there are complications. Your cysts may go down as your pregnancy progresses. Even if they don't they may not interfere. I'm no expert on them and I know they can happen for all different kinds of reasons but they may not have any effect.

    I found out while they were poking around inside me that I also have endometriosis. I know that can cause problems conceiving (as can cysts of course if it's pcos) but I'm not sure if it causes problems once pregnant. Tried to find out on the internet but couldn't come up with much useful info. All I know is it can cause some pain as your uterus expands. But I've been fine. I'm now almost 19 weeks and apart from being tired most of the time everything has gone pretty smoothly (not counting the hospital admission at 6 weeks!)

    I have to admit I worried all the time and still do quite a bit but it's starting to fade. No one can promise you everything will be fine and you will look for reasons why things are going to go wrong (that's what I do anyway!) but then you have to get on with it and enjoy it. I'm getting my bump now and it's really pronounced in the morning so I like to wake up early and lie there so I have time with my bump! When I get up I just look a bit flabby! The good stuff will start to outweigh the worries and then it will switch again but it's all perfectly normal. Don't try to stop worrying because it won't work. Just know that it's not making any difference other than making you feel bad and try to put it to the back of your mind. You're totally normal...
  • Hi tashaboast i dont think you will need a transvaginal unless you are scanned before 8 weeks and i know you are not really sure of your dates. If they think it is for the best then have it cus its not that bad is it and you will get much clearer picture. Just make sure you are at least 6 weeks otherwise they cant hear a heartbeat.
  • I would defo recommend an early scan, I had 2 nhs ones due to bleeding. They were belly scans (had them at 6 weeks and 9 weeks), and I had to have a full bladder.

    If I have another baby after this one I will definitely be having a private early scan, I have heard some awful stories about mmc and tbh I wouldn't want to get to the 12 weeks mark without knowing about it as I am a worrywart - lol. For ??60 odd I think it is worth the reassurance (tho remember nothing is 100%)

    Good luck
    25 wks x x x

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