Baby Baths - So confused on what to get, what do you think??

Hi Girls

I have been thinking about baby baths loads recently as the general concensus is that normal baby baths are a waste of time, I only found this out recently.

I am still set on the idea of getting the mothercare classic pooh bath set:

But with all these baby baths a newborn would not sit correctly and there is no support so you would not have hands free to wash baby, plus I am thinking it might be a hassle filling the bath and carrying it, so would have to go in our bath or something else.

I am on a budget so have been looking at alternatives, ebay has loads of bargains near me so would be able to collect and save on postage and packing.

This looks ok, I think you can put it in a baby bath or normal bath??:

Or you can buy towelling bath supports to put in the baby bath or normal bath:

Or I could ditch the baby bath set, which I don't really want to do and get a better bath support like this one, again on ebay:

Or this one which I found on ebay cheap local to me:

I am absolutley totally and utterly confused by the baby baths now and just don't know what to get..

Please help its doing my head in!!! XXX


  • Hi flower, I have already got a changing unit from toys r us in Kensington:

    Its basic but does the trick, I am gonna get the classic pooh changing mat to go on top, I think I'm just worried about not having hands free.. do the towelling bath suports just lean, or will baby need a bath mat thats non-slip as well when they are old enough to go in the main big bath??
  • we are getitng the winnie the pooh set form mothercare with the foam bath support for early days!xx
  • what is the foam bath support, is it from mothercare too??
  • We got a baby bath from ikea for ??5 but used it about 10 times before he went in the big bath. For a few weeks we used one of the towelling supports which was great but as he started moving more he started sliding down it so I ended up putting a few cm of water in the bottom of the bath and just plonked him straight in. He loves it and still has baths like that now. He turned his head to the side and got a shock a few times but soon learned not to. I will probably use the towelling support again for the first few weeks with the next one but then will do the same when they are a bit bigger. All the bath seats etc we bought were a total waste and never get used.
  • so what did you use when baby was big enough to go in the main bath?? any support??
  • thanks girls, what does anyone else think? X
  • Last time we used a tummy tub, which was fantastic from birth up until about 6-7 months when he could sit up in the bath (on a bath mat). We had a normal baby bath to start with, but only used it twice before we bought the tummy tub - I just didn't feel that he was very secure in the baby bath and felt the need to keep both hands on him all of the time.

    We'll be using the tummy tub right from the start this time.
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