When did your nausea/sickness go?

Hi there ladies

I'm 14+1 today and still feeling really sick. It's beginning to get me down as everyone keeps telling me 'you must be feeling better now you're past the 12-week mark'!! I've got a horrible feeling I'm going to feel like this for the whole pregnancy and I don't know how I'm going to cope! At what stage did your morning sickness (or all day sickness in my case!) ease?

Serena xxxx



  • Hi

    I had bad nausea when l ws 6 wks and it lasted for 2 wks. The midwife told me eating a ginger biscuit 15 mins b4 you get up in the morn helps. My partner gave me my breakfast in my bed n it helped the nausea slightly xx
  • They say that it starts to get better when your placenta takes over the role of producing the pregnancy hormones which is between the 12 - 15 weeks. I'm 12 weeks now too and still suffering especially in the mornings. But then i've heard of those who have it throughout the whole preganancy so just in case i'm one of those unfortunate one's i'm trying to get used to the "puking" and take it in my stride!
    I've tried the ginger biscuit/ginger tea early in the morning thing but it didn't work for me.
  • Mine was around 14 weeks too. I think they say by 16 weeks sickness has usually subsided in most people as it's just your body adjusting to the hormones. Sadly tho a small percentage go through the whole or most of the pregnancy with morning sickness. A friend of mine was still throwing up everyday at 30 weeks! This is very rere tho so hang in there hun, won't be long now and you can start to enjoy the 'blooming' stage. Sarah 17+2 x x x
  • mine stopped at around 16 weeks but i still have the odd morning where i throw up now im 24 weeks now but its not everyday anymore. ginger etc didnt work 4 me the only thing that worked for me is to actually let myself be sick as i always felt so much better afterwards not great advice i know but whenever i tried to stop myself from being sick i felt like crap all day!!!!!!!
  • Thanks ladies. You've given me hope that it might start to improve soon - fingers crossed! Looking forward to the 'blooming' stage and can't wait for a proper baby bump! I look pregnant in the evening but by morning the bump has all but disappeared! Boo! xxxx
  • i agree victoria, i feel better after being sick, otherwise i can just feel my stomach churning. In the evenings i feel better when i've eaten something. Can't wait to get to the blooming stage.
  • Mine stopped at 10 weeks...phew! I've thrown up since, but it was just spontaneous and not with that awful yucky feeling you get early on. Could have even been a tummy bug. X
  • I too had terrible sickness with my first baby, it started at 6 weeks and lasted until about 16 weeks. I hated it there was days I couldn't even get out of my bed. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and all last week I was ill but this week I've been ok. I really dont want to get the sickness the way I had it with my little girl.

  • hi, Im 31+6 Ive got to admit I didnt have morning sickness, but recently I have been having moments of when I just want to be in the bathroom incase...
    My sister in law was sick everyday until 16 weeks. I think it's an each to their own - sorry I know not much help
  • Hi
    new here, I've had hyperemesis and am still being sick, it started in week 4 and I will be hitting week 36 tomorrow! I was rehydrated around week 15 after losing a stone and a half and things did improve a little after that but not substantially!
    However, this is pretty unusual so I am sure you will find things improving a lot sooner for you!
  • i had the feeling of morning sickness and then week 12 i felt great and have since! i only ever threw up twice so i am one of the lucky ones.
    However my friend is due next week and is still throwing up everyday so we are all different im afraid but fingers crossed yours will disappear and you will start to feel great and of course the bump will start showing
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