flu and poss chest infec in pregnancy?

im just getting over a bad case of flu and think i have the lingering of a chest infection still, has anyone else had this? iv got an app with doc this afternoon cos im worried that they may harm the baby. am i just worrying?

kelly, 18 weeks



  • hello KellyJust to say if it is only a slight infection it shouldn't affect baby i'm a severe chronic asthmatic and have been on several antibiotics and steroids since being pregnant and unless your struggling as in gasping to breathe it shouldn'[t affect baby or thats what i weas told by the medical registrar at the hospital. my SATs were 91% which was a lil worrying when i'm usually 96-98% still coughing a lot and quite phlegmy but not worried as i'm breathing ok for me image hope it helps some image
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