I told work

Hi girls

Well I know I am a week away from my 12 weeks stage but everybody is getting funny with me as i am not moving stuff and that I was off ill yesterday so I sent an email out telling them.

It actually feels wonderful being able to get that off my chest and now everybody has been great image

K xx


  • yeah!
    I told my work early too - had my 12 week scan at 10 +5 and all was well and i was showing so was hard not telling everyone!

    What have they all said? Hope they are all pleased for you.
  • Aww bless you, it was probably best to tell them if they've been a bit funny!
    I bet it feels great now though that everyone is being nice to you, it'll make it seem much more real too! xx
  • Phew, I bet that was a relief. I told my boss when I was 6+6 after I had that small bleed and the relief was instant. Enjoy all the well wishes you will get today, its a lovely feeling xx
  • I loved sending out our email, I attached a scan picture of Angus too!

    When is your 12 week scan hon?

  • Hi honey, glad they took it well, it should make your life so much easier now.
    I told my work just before xmas as H2B had told a lot of his friends so I wanted work to know from me rather than someone else.
    Glat your feeling better today
    Georgie x
  • bet you are glad! i told my boss about an hour after i found out- its a small business i work for so i gave her as much notice as possible. x

  • Thanks girls am feeling better today so trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

    They have all been very sweet. I just feel so much better knowing they know and so they know i am not taking the P

    K xx
  • It definitely maes things much easier when they know. It's difficult enough feeling ill without having to try and hide it too. Thing is, still none of my friends know so I have been avoiding them for weeks until I'm happy to tell them!

    10+6 x
  • Well I am 12 weeks next thursday but have not heard from my MW yet to have my booking in app so I would say maybe the scan will be in two weeks or three weeks?? I am not sure.

    They have all been very sweet and my boss said if the worst was to happen this office is only small around 26 people they will find out some way so I would rather they heard it from me really.

    I can't stop smiling now.

    K xx
  • It could be different in your area but its rare you will have a scan later than 13+6 because that is the last date they can test the NT stuff for downs... so I was told anyway!

  • Oh really, I will give her till next week and if I have not heard anything by tuesday I will chse them up i think.

    K xx
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