advice needed

ok ladies i'm now 9 days over due image and had a sweep yesterday morning at 10am, (omg that bloody killed) well anyway yesterday i was getting pain every 5 mins for about 6 hours. managed to cope with paracetomol, hot baths and hot water bottle. but then they went! These pains where all in my back

Well the pains started again today, roughly every half hour, again have been coping with tablets and hot baths. the pains then went to 20 mins, then i had the really bad urge to do a number 2 (sorry tmi) so went to toilet and had my show... it was bloody huge! these pains are in my back and tummy.

The pains are now every 15 mins and are lasting about a minute, the thing is about 5 min after the pain i get a really short contraction.

Has anyone else experienced this (the short contraction after the big one???

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