Advice on Pressies for other children!

I am a bit of a softy when it comes to my kids so when I have Tommy I want to have a little gift at the hospital for my others - they are son - 15, step-daughter - 10 1/2 and son - nearly 7!

I was thinking along the lines of something "memorable" for them but whatever I think of for either the older 2 - the youngest will not appreciate or vice versa!! I dont want to spend mega-amounts and a similar amount on all of them!!

I have only got 4 wks to come up with ideas - now in dire need of your help ladies!!!


Love Lee


  • hi i have done the same!! but it is much easier as i only have 1 other, and she's 3!! when i was explaining about how mummy had to stay in hospital a couple of days etc, i made it sound more exciting by saying that when she came to visit for the first time, mummy and baby would have a special present for her...she instantly said "could it be the tweenies dolls i dont have" for me it was an easy one!! went on ebay and got them cheap, have wrapped them in pink paper with puppies all over and she will love that. because she is so young i didnt think it needed to be something "memorable" like you say...but i have seen you can get loads of big/sister brother gifts on sites like ebay, personalised things too, as yours are older they may appreciate this more ?

    sorry i am a bit clueless about that age group, but i do think its a;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

    great idea x

  • Hi Lee, what about t-shirts that say I am the big brother / big sister and one for Tommy that says I am the little brother? My sil got these when she had Zosia and Stacy was 16 at the time and loved it! Not too expensive and will be something that they can either wear or keep. Tammi xxx
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