ignore this, just trying something x


Just seeing if my gaga ticker has worked x


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  • aww yeah cute, how did you get that? x
  • congratulations!

  • Thank you! huge congrats to you too xx

    chrissy1985, go to the link and create your ticker, then copy the code into a word document, then you just paste it into each post you make xx

    I couldnt figure it out for ages, then read a post on how to do it! :lol: xx


  • aww sounds complicated lol i will have a go! congratulations by the way i just saw the teeny tiny bit of the ticker lol hope your feeling alright XX
  • Thanx chrissy! How far along are you? congratulations BTW!

    Its not as complicated as it sounds, the steps are easy to follow to create it, the only thing I couldnt figuure was how to copy/paste it! Did have a lillypie one b4 and you just copied the bb code onto your clipboard and pasted it each time.

    But with the gaga one you have to copy it to a word document (I used notebook) and then you can paste it (I right click where I want to paste it) I think that once it is saved in your word document you just need to open that up and copy it each time you want to use it. Will find out later when I log off! :lol:

    BTW, you need the BB code, in the second box down, not the HTML code in the first box.
    Good luck xx


  • wow thats a brain jumble lol ya know i only have 3 weeks till shes due so i might just leave it for now and get one to track her when shes a new born ha ha ha ha whens your first midwife appointment? i bet your se excited, is this your first? its my 3rd here! i have 2 boys already so a lovely little girl is perfect! XX
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