What do I need?

So in an attempt to 'get real', hubby and I went to Mothercare today. All it served to do was reaffirm that we don't know very much about having a baby! So, tried to get the answers in the million and one books that I have but although they have lots of lists, there is no comprehensive one about what we need in the nursery. Except for some swatches of paint on the walls, it still looks like my dressing room. So any help with what I need? x


  • I would say cot/cotbed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and a changer to go on top of either the cot or the drawers. If you have any budget left (or room!) and you are planning on breastfeeding then a feeding chair is a nice idea so you can do night feeds in the babies room. It doesn't have to be one of the expensive specially designed ones, I had a really nice one from Ikea last time round which I am planning on using again this time.
  • As well as the items above, a big must have are either black out curtains or a black out blind!
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