Probably really stupid question!

Hi, im only 4+1 today, thing is ( and i cant believe im asking this as i probably sound silly!) but i normally have a very flat stomach. However just above my *ahem* probably my bladder area i can feel a little bulge, any ideas on what this is? surely its to early to get a bump and i thought that they started higher anyway?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
( and sorry for sounding dumb lol!)

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  • Doesn't sound silly at all . I was the same - as soon as I found out I was pregnant (straightaway almost!!) my (slightly flabby) tum got harder and seemed higher. I think bloating has maybe got a bit to do with it at this stage. Congrats on your pregnancy!
    Ames x
  • Im no expert, but maybe its bloating?
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