people are so annoying when you tell them your chosen names!

Is it just me or have any of you had the same crap i have had off of people?
Basically when people ask what names i have chosen i tell them leo for a boy and lily for a girl, now i dont think these are too crazy but people keep saying
yuk i kknow someone gay called leo or lily thats old!

i mean what gives them the right to make any comment? is it my hormones or is this normal?


  • Oh GRRR! It is annoying. My ohs aunt just gave birth and her advice was don't tell anyone the name you chose before the baby is born as they'll just be bitchy. They ended up changing their chosen name because family didn't like it.

    I should have taken her advice but stupid me I didn't :roll: We have decided on Gabriel and no-one seems to like it except my mum. We love it though so who cares.

    Btw I think Lily and Leo are gorgeous names!!! image
  • I too think Leo and Lily are beautiful names.....we are thinking about having Lily if our little one is a girl (4 days to go!). Anyway who cares if someone is gay and has that name!! Homosexuality is not decided by our names. Hope this doesn;t offend you but sounds like you have some ignorant and prejudiced friends!!Ignore them and pick the names YOU want.

  • thank god im not imagining it!
    people are a nightmare when your pregnant i find, they tell you the most horrific stories and think they can tell you what to eat, drink and do all the time!
    im quite surprised lots of pregnant women dont commit murder hahaha
  • How weird! The names lily and leo are what we've kinda got our eye on too! We are not telling anyone our choice of names. We have decided to say we haven't thought about if we're asked. I think people are really quite rude about it. I would ignore them! Although I know it can hurt.
  • im obsessed with looking at the credits on the end of the programmes or films and there never seems to be a name that i fall in love with for a boy!
    typical that the boys name is the harder one to choose.

    yeah my work mates are awful glad i only see them at work!
  • hey i loved lilly but as oh surname is lamb i couldnt really go for it !! now i know lo is a boy we choose joshua jaymes. as soon as we told oh mum she said ''thats your cousins baby name'' typicall!!!! its staying though as joshua is the name i choose from day one and jaymes is oh middle name and this cousin hasnt been seen by oh since they were like 5!! i think they are lovely names so ignore others they will always have some comment x x
  • thank god im not imagining it!
    people are a nightmare when your pregnant i find, they tell you the most horrific stories and think they can tell you what to eat, drink and do all the time!
    im quite surprised lots of pregnant women dont commit murder hahaha
    I know! I wish I could sometimes but I dont really want to have a baby in jail! :lol:
  • Oh Tiger Lily! I LOVE Gabriel. But hubby won't go for it. It's a gorgeous name!
  • Yes i had this. We found out at my 20 week scan that we are having a girl and i stupidly told some people at work some names we like (being Georgia and Lauren) and i got negative comments such as 'no way - dont call her that!' and 'oh Georgia is a really isolated, miserable place in Russia'.

    Both me and hubby really liked Georgia and quite a few close family members did too but now im a bit put off it!

    I wont make the same mistake again though and will keep any names we like to ourselves.

    Why cant people just keep thier negative comments to themselves??
  • LOL.......all of the above soo true....
    I have got my chosen names but when people ask I say the first unusual name that comes to mind just to see their reaction now as I got sick of the negativity from people......Most of my work colleagues think I'm naming my baby Princess Talulah Janice if its a girl.....Their faces were priceless..(no offence meant if you have chosen this name)x x
  • Oh Tiger Lily! I LOVE Gabriel. But hubby won't go for it. It's a gorgeous name!
    Ah at last a positive comment on it! Thank you!!! lol. It was the only name we could agree on, so I was so glad when the sonographer said it was a boy lol.
  • last time we told people our ideas for names and most peoples reactions were "well what about ...." and suggested DIFFERENT names. in the hospital we hadntt quite decided a definite name and the baby's dad's sister said "i like Aimee" and i said i couldnt cause someone i knew had recently named their baby that,and plus i didnt like that she had chosen it, and she was like "well you hardly see her and anyway you could spell it differntly etc"...i couldnt believe it, it was MY baby not hers!!!argh!! this time no way!! they will know the babys name when it is his/her name then even if they are thinking "oh my why did they choose that" then they are less likely to say it cause its the wee one's name.and in any case people get used to names once it there name, people annoy me so much, why do they need to interfere or think that something like this is up for discussion or something they can comment so cruelly on!!!?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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  • I completely sympathise with you. My mum has been the worst, when me and dh told her if it was a girl she would be called Caitlyn Elisabeth and all she could manage was "ohhhhh thats a bit harsh isn't it? don't you think it sounds a bit common" I'm not entirely sure how it sounds harsh but we have now told her that we changed the name choice even though we haven't lol and are refusing to tell her what it is. If baby is a boy he will be called Kai William and know one has been told that as I want it to be a surprise.

    At the end of the day people should butt out of your business you both made your child together therefore you both get to chose the names and no one else should be involved.

  • call your baby what you and oh want to call it, it's your choice and got nothing to do with anyone else. if you like lily and leo then call em lily or leo. anyway it's your baby and if i were you id call my baby one of the names just to show how serious you are about the name and to p$*s them ignorant people off.
  • my mother is calling my bump caroline despite that not being the name we have chosen. This is because we won't tell her the name lol. I will share with you though.. if it is a girl (like we think it is ) she will be called Morgan.

    Pass on a boys name as yet, we haven't got that far lol.
  • Found this with my first 2 when we told people their names due to this no one except me and hubby know this ones name although its driving my eldest barmy that she doesnt know . lol x
  • I have decided on marcus derrick for a boy and genevieve for a girl. It matches the surname very well. Not sure if the girl name is too long for a second name or not. But we will see when we get there. I love all the names i've hear on here so far. Some people have lifted their noses at mine as well. but i dont give a toss.
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